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May 19th 2022

1. Apple releases first iOS 15.6 and macOS 12.5 public beta for testing

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Today's iOS 15.6 beta 1 build is 19G5027e. Different from past versions, Apple hasn't made available any important features so far. This will likely be the latest iOS 15 major update before the release of iOS 16 later in the fall.

2. 'Fortnite' Arrives This GFN Thursday With GeForce Performance You Can Touch

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'Fortnite' mobile touch experience now available to all GeForce NOW members, streaming to supported mobile devices via iOS Safari and the NVIDIA GeForce NOW Android app. May 19, 2022 ...

3. Dayo Odeyingbo feels like himself after Achilles rehab


Working his way back from Achilles reconstruction surgery for the entirety of his rookie season, Indianapolis Colts defensive lineman Dayo Odeyingbo didn't feel much like himself throughout the 2021 campaign. A torn Achilles in January 2021 while ...

4. Ashwini Vaishnaw makes 1st 5G call from trial network at IIT Madras


Entire end to end network is designed and developed in India," Vaishnaw said on Koo and posted a 58-second video clip. "Congratulations! This is a realisation of hon'ble PM's vision. His vision is to have our own 4G and 5G technology stack developed in ...

5. Instagram may soon show just three stories, hide rest behind a 'Show All' button


Instagram's stories is perhaps one of the app's most used features along with Reels. However, despite the whole point of Stories being to tell your followers what you've been up to all day, some people abuse the feature and spam many stories with every ...

6. DJ Reed: Sauce Gardner a prototypical lockdown cornerback


The Jets made upgrading their cornerback corps a priority this offseason and they made big additions to the group in both free agency and the draft. D.J. Reed signed with the team as a free agent after turning in the best season of his career with the ...

7. Sony Embraces Metaverse to Connect With Gamers. Why Meta May Be in for a Battle


Other large technology companies have been investing aggressively in the metaverse—the futuristic vision where consumers can some day play, socialize and work in immersive virtual worlds. Meta Platforms (META), the parent ...

8. Instagram is changing how Stories work and doesn't want you to post everything


It appears that while this behaviour might have a lot of takers, Instagram isn't a fan. And the platform might soon change how the Story works. The Meta-owned platform is reportedly testing a new layout in Brazil that shows only three of your Stories to ...

9. Samsung Wants to Wallpaper Your Next Fridge With Custom Art and Photos

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Customers can opt for a custom design on either of the refrigerator's two French doors or on both of them, with their choice of Bespoke color tones for the freezer drawers below. Bespoke customers itching for an even artsier appliance than the one they've ...

10. PS5's First Official Bundle Includes Horizon Forbidden West


Some retailers have been bundling the elusive PS5 with games and accessories to get you to spend more on the console, but Sony is packaging the next-gen PlayStation console with major exclusive Horizon Forbidden West for its first official bundle.

11. Element Debuts the First Roku TV Made for the Outdoors


Roku TVs are going outside. Roku has partnered with the TV manufacturer Element to produce the first-ever Roku TV made for outdoor use. The 55-inch 4K set features HDR 10 compatibility and, according to the company, reaches up to 700 nits of brightness ...

12. Moto G 5G Review: $400 Phone Has More Storage Space Than You Might Need


Storage space is the clear highlight for this year's Moto G 5G. But the phone's 6.5-inch 720p screen with a 90Hz refresh rate, long-lasting 5,000-mAh battery, headphone jack and Android 12 also provide a lot of flexibility and functionality.

13. OnePlus Nord 2T and Nord CE 2 Lite Pack Solid Specs for Little Cash


The Nord range is exclusive to the UK and wider Europe, so neither phone will be available to buy in the US. Those prices translate to roughly $460 (or AU$650) and $350, respectively.

14. Windows 11 Hidden Features That'll Change How You Use Your Computer

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These built-in tricks can help you do everything from setting up Taskbar shortcuts to saving battery power. Microsoft isn't typically as upfront about its hidden features in the same way that Apple tends to be, which can sometimes make it more difficult to ...

15. OnePlus Nord 2T 5G review: A minor but worthy upgrade


Not a huge improvement on its predecessor but better battery life and nippier performance make the Nord 2T a better phone. Pros. Fastest phone in its price bracket. Long battery life. Lower asking price. Cons. Portrait photography is mediocre.

16. God of War: Ragnarok update proves TLOU 2 changed Sony forever


God of War: Ragnarok is back in the news, not with a release date, but with an even more important announcement. In a PlayStation Blog post published Thursday, Santa Monica Studio's Lead UX Designer Mila Pavlin shared an update on the game's ...

17. Apple's AR/VR Headset Nearing Completion as Board Gets Demo

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Apple has also ramped up development of the software that runs on the headset, with that software expected to be called "RealityOS," or rOS for short. apple ar headset concept 2. Render ...

18. Apple Seeds First Public Betas of iOS 15.6 and iPadOS 15.6

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The iOS and iPadOS 15.5 betas can be downloaded over the air after the proper profile from Apple's public beta testing website has been installed on an iPhone or iPad. There were no new features found in the ...

19. Brave Browser for iOS Gains New 'Privacy Hub' and Enhanced Fingerprinting Protections


Similar to Safari's Privacy Report, the new Privacy Hub in version 1.38 of the browser is designed to educate users about trackers and other privacy threats Brave is blocking. This update also improves protections against fingerprinting for ...

20. iPhone Shipments Up Nearly 20% in Q1 2022 in North America

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Apple was the number one smartphone vendor in North America, with Samsung coming in second with 10.5 million smartphones shipped. Lenovo was a distant third with 4 million smartphones shipped, and TCL, Google and others sent out even fewer.

21. Pebblebee Launches New Clip and Card With Find My Integration

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Like other ?Find My? devices, the Pebblebee Clip and Pebblebee Card take advantage of the ?Find My? network. When attached to an item that is lost or misplaced outside of the range of the item owner, the accessories are able to leverage other nearby Apple ...

22. YouTube Adds 'Most Replayed' Feature for Identifying Most Popular Parts of Videos


YouTube has added a new playback feature to its web player and mobile apps that helps users identify the most replayed parts of a video they're watching (via TechCrunch). General YouTube Feature 1. Going forward, a gray graph will appear along the top ...

23. The role of space in driving sustainability, security, and development on Earth


The world is in a space renaissance. Expanding activity in space is beginning to outpace governance, technological progress is increasing accessibility, commercial funding is at an all-time high, and more nations and companies are clamoring to be part ...

24. Bungie acquisition to make Sony more multiplatform: CEO


Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida said that the acquisition of game development studio Bungie marked a major step in the company becoming more multiplatform. Last year, Sony Interactive Entertainment committed to bringing a slew of Sony first-party exclusives ...

25. New Google Lens beta for tablets allows the app to work in landscape

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A new beta for Google Lens on Android tablets allows the app to work in landscape orientation. Previously, the Lens app was limited to portrait orientation on tablets, making it unwieldy to use on larger screen devices. As reported on by 9to5Google, ...

26. Is DeepMind's Gato AI really a human-level intelligence breakthrough?


DeepMind has released what it calls a “generalist” AI called Gato, which can play Atari games, accurately caption images, chat naturally with a human and stack coloured blocks with a robot arm, among 600 other tasks. But is Gato truly intelligent ...

27. God of War Ragnarok update offers a peek at new accessibility options


God of War Ragnarok developer Santa Monica Studio on Thursday shared an update on the sequel, in which it detailed new and returning accessibility options coming to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 game. On Sony's PlayStation Blog, Santa Monica ...

28. Boeing's Starliner space capsule set for launch on key test flight to orbit


CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla., May 19 (Reuters) - Boeing's new Starliner capsule was set for launch on Thursday on a do-over uncrewed test flight to the International Space Station, aiming to deliver the company a much-needed success after two years of delays ...

29. HP's new Spectre x360 16 laptop is all-in on Intel

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HP has made a number of minor refreshes across its Spectre and Envy lines. Several of these consumer devices, at a variety of price points, have been updated with new processors — 12th Gen Core chips on the Intel side and Ryzen 5000 chips on the AMD ...

30. Fortnite now available to everyone on iOS via GeForce Now cloud streaming


After four months in closed beta, a touchscreen-optimized version of Fortnite is now available to stream via Nvidia's GeForce Now cloud gaming service on iOS and Android. It means iPhone users have another workaround to play one of the most popular ...

31. Microsoft tests Windows 11 desktop widgets with web search bar

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The company describes the feature as “lightweight interactive content” — the first, it says, of many such tools it's considering adding to Windows 11 — but let's call the thing what it really is: a widget.

32. Samsung will charge $500 to put your face on its fridge

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Samsung is adding a new and extremely exploitable customization option to its line of Bespoke refrigerators. Sling the company $500 and you can have any photo or image you like printed on the unit's double doors. You could choose a favorite piece of ...

33. TikTok users can now credit specific videos to make sure viral creators get their due


When uploading content, users will be able to tag not only individual creators in video descriptions, but also specific videos — an addition the platform claims will “better enable creator credit and equitable attribution for our creator community and ...

34. Apple's board of directors reportedly tried out its upcoming AR / VR headset

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Apple showed a mixed reality headset capable of both augmented and virtual reality to its board of directors last week and has engineers hard at work on an operating system for the device, according to a report from Bloomberg. The story notes that ...

35. Motorola Moto G 5G review: a tough sell


At $500, you're spending quite a bit more, but you'll find some worthwhile upgrades and even a few nice-to-haves. But at $400, phones seem to get the worst of both worlds: a no-frills experience with a significantly higher price than that $300 budget phone ...

36. Coming soon to a phone near you: A new wave of accessibility tools


iPhones come with a magnifier app that does pretty much what you'd expect: it enlarges our view of whatever's in front of the camera. But in an upcoming software update, the app will gain a “door detection” tool to help blind iPhone users more easily get ...