Technology News for Saturday 18th September 2021

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Sep 18th 2021

1. 9 great reads from CNET this week: iPhone 13, SpaceX, moonshine and more


We have some thoughts on Apple's new iPhone 13, pay a visit to a moonshine distillery, watch SpaceX launch its first civilians into space, and much more. Jon ...

2. Apple's best iPhone 13 features are the ridiculous trade-in offers, not the specs


The floodgates of deals opened last year, when the companies were eager to get people on their 5G networks, and they're continuing with the iPhone 13 launch.

3. Galaxy S21 Ultra: Take better pictures with these cool camera tricks


It's full of great features to help both novices and pros alike take brilliant shots when out and about. While it may not be a dramatic overhaul from the Galaxy ...

4. I'd love iPhones with USB-C. It seems Apple might someday make them

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Commentary: The way Apple sings USB-C's praises and offers it in its new iPad Mini could signal that the iPhone ecosystem will drop Apple's proprietary ...

5. Should you upgrade to iPhone 13? Let's compare it to iPhone 12 through iPhone 7

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Apple's iPhone 13 brings improvements in camera performance, battery life, and general speed. Apple. We haven't tested the iPhone 13 yet, so you'll have to ...

6. iOS 15 and iPad OS 15 come Monday: How to install Apple's new software

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The latest software from Apple will be released after the weekend. Here's everything you need to know about getting the updates on your iPhone and iPad. Jason ...

7. Apex Legends' massive disconnection errors may not get fixed for days


Stop us if you've heard this before: Apex Legends is suffering from server problems again. Right now, Apex players are being hit with a massive amount of ...

8. FFXIV's new PvP mode will appear in the next Letter to the Producer


When the Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker expansion was revealed in February this year during a special showcase stream, game director Naoki Yoshida briefly ...

9. Here's how Final Fantasy XIV's new Reaper and Sage classes will play


In the latest Letter to the Producer stream for Final Fantasy XIV, as promised director/producer Naoki Yoshida has detailed all the job changes coming in ...

10. Oshawott Community Day – Pokémon Go guide


When evolved any time on Sept. 19 from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m. EDT, your Oshawott evolution will learn Hydro Cannon, a very powerful water-type move. Based on past ...

11. Sony subsidiary makes a PS5 SSD that's even further out of your reach


When news of the drive first broke, it seemed like the solution to the confusion that can currently come with expanding your PS5's storage. Indeed, Nextorage's ...

12. Facebook VP disputes report claiming the platform knows about multiple flaws it doesn't fix

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Facebook's vice president of global affairs criticized a series of stories by the Wall Street Journal that reported the social network is aware of numerous ...

13. Android TV vs. Fire TV: Which smart TV OS is better?


It's hard to find a TV today that isn't smart — meaning it's connected to the Internet and able to run apps — and many of those are running Fire TV or ...