Technology News for Saturday 18th November 2023

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Nov 18th 2023

1. X ad boycott gathers pace amid antisemitism storm

Domain: | Companies: Apple, Comcast, Discovery, Twitter

An advertising boycott of social media platform X is gathering pace amid an antisemitism storm on the site formerly known as Twitter. Apple, Disney, Comcast and Warner Brothers Discovery have all halted advertising on X, US media report, following hot ...

2. Advertisers Flee X as Outcry Over Musk's Endorsement of Antisemitic Post Grows

Domain: | Companies: Apple, Twitter

Disney, Apple, Paramount and Lionsgate halted marketing on X, formerly Twitter, as Elon Musk faced a furor over antisemitic abuse on his social media platform.

3. OpenAI's Board Pushes Out Sam Altman, Its High-Profile CEO


The move set off a reshuffling at OpenAI, a groundbreaking A.I. company and the maker of the popular chatbot ChatGPT. Mira Murati, previously OpenAI's chief technology officer, was named interim chief executive officer, the company said. Hours later, Greg ...

4. AI boss Sam Altman ousted after board loses confidence


Sam Altman has been ousted as the head of artificial intelligence firm OpenAI by the company's board, which said it had lost confidence in his ability to lead the company. The board said Mr Altman had not been "consistently candid with his ...

5. Ancient Scrolls Reveal Modern Leadership Insights


It seems as if every day, there are new predictions in the media about how moving forward into the future with Artificial Intelligence [AI] will change the present world of work that we know so well. Some articles see AI as a boon, removing jobs unfit ...

6. How OpenAI is structured

Domain: | Companies: Microsoft

If you need a refresher on OpenAI's structure after CEO Sam Altman's ouster, here's one. Of note: Microsoft — OpenAI's biggest collaborator and investor in its for-profit arm — was blindsided by Altman's exit, only learning about the move a minute ...

7. OpenAI: Why Sam Altman was fired and what's next after the shocking shakeup


The surprise sacking of OpenAI CEO Sam Altman unfolded on Friday as abruptly as it played out in public, according to one of the company's co-founders, who said he was also demoted and then quit in the aftermath. The bombshell leadership change, ...

8. Many Details of Sam Altman's Ouster Are Murky. But Some Things Are Clear.


All over Silicon Valley, phones lit up on Friday with the same question: What the heck happened to Sam Altman? The sudden, mysterious ouster of Mr. Altman, the chief executive of OpenAI, by the company's board sent shock waves through the tech world ...

9. AI and You: OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Is Fired, the Rise of Synthetic Performers


The conventional wisdom in journalism is that when a company puts out a statement on a Friday afternoon, it's generally not good news. And so it was that OpenAI announced on Nov. 17 that it had ousted co-founder and CEO Sam Altman and chief advocate ...