Technology News for Friday 17th November 2023

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Nov 17th 2023

1. McLaren 750S review


Today, we know that the full-bore replacement for the 720S will involve a hybridised V8 powertrain, due to come onstream in a few years' time. The car to house it is currently being masterminded ...

2. UK Biobank denies sharing health data without volunteers' knowledge


UK Biobank has denied sharing sensitive health data intended for medical research with insurance companies, in response to an investigation by The Observer, which was published in the paper on Sunday 12 November. UK Biobank is the world's leading ...

3. What Is Open Science? An Intro, Common Misconceptions and Advice


Open science is “what science should be,” says Vaclav Petras, a geospatial research software engineer and one of the Center for Geospatial Analytics' open science advocates. “It's sharing all different parts of research that are traditionally not shared, ...

4. Ispace Eyes Second Uncrewed Moon Landing Try In Winter 2024


Ispace of Tokyo plans to make a second attempt to land an uncrewed spacecraft on the Moon as soon as the fourth quarter of 2024, after its inaugural mission in April ended in a crash on the lunar surface. “Mission 2” is to carry a variety of payloads, ...

5. Apple Announces Surprise New iPhone Move, Starting 2024

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In fact, in 2022, Apple CEO Tim Cook dismissed the idea of adopting RCS messaging to end the green bubbles iPhone users see when they text an Android device. “Buy your mom an iPhone,” he said.

6. IBM, EU and Lionsgate pull ads from Elon Musk's X as concerns about antisemitism fuel backlash

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Advertisers are fleeing social media platform X over concerns about their ads showing up next to pro-Nazi content, hate speech on the site in general or billionaire owner Elon Musk's own tweets endorsing an antisemitic conspiracy theory.

7. Zona incerta dopamine neurons encode motivational vigor in food seeking


ZI DA neurons and their projections to paraventricular thalamus (PVT) were quickly activated for food approach but inhibited during food consumption. Chemogenetic manipulation of ZI DA neurons bidirectionally regulated feeding motivation to control meal ...