Technology News for Wednesday 8th November 2023

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Nov 08th 2023

1. The rise of brain-reading technology: what you need to know


A participant in Edward Chang's study of speech neuroprostheses attempts to silently speak a sentence. Ann, who was left paralysed by a stroke, uses a brain–computer interface to translate brain signals ...

2. 'I would not have survived': Woman says Apple Watch notification saved her life

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“I got a notification ...

3. Google, telecom heavyweights push for interoperability on Apple's iMessage

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Google and the largest EU telecommunications operators called on the European Commission to designate Apple's iMessage under the Digital Markets Act (DMA), which would oblige it to grant ...

4. GTA VI: What we know about the long-awaited new Grand Theft Auto game


One of the most highly anticipated games of a generation is getting closer to being released. Rockstar Games has confirmed that the trailer for GTA VI will be revealed in December - although there's still no release date for the game itself.

5. AI will make video games look like nothing you've ever played before


By Jurica Dujmovic. Potentially half of all video game content will be developed from generative AI within a decade. In the era where innovation is the linchpin of staying competitive, the video game industry is experiencing a technological renaissance ...

6. Samsung launches generative AI model made for its devices, beating Apple to the punch

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Samsung Electronics on Wednesday introduced a new generative artificial intelligence model called Samsung Gauss. The company said its technology, called Samsung Gauss, is designed for AI applications on devices. If this tech comes to its smartphones, ...

7. Amazon dedicates team to train ambitious AI model codenamed 'Olympus' -sources

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As head scientist of artificial general intelligence (AGI) at Amazon, Prasad brought in researchers who had been working on Alexa AI and the Amazon science team to work on training models, uniting AI efforts across the company with dedicated resources.

8. New MLPerf Benchmarks Show Why NVIDIA Reworked Its Product Roadmap

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Every six months, NVIDIA, Intel and Google show how much their AI training hardware and software have improved while their competitors hide in the bushes. NVIDIA is starting to see some competitive threats but remains the leader, especially in the ...

9. Take-Two stock up ahead of earnings in anticipation of GTA 6 announcement


Take-Two Interactive shares surged as much as 9.4% in premarket trading Wednesday, as investors received the first confirmation that the next installment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise is on the horizon. The first trailer for the next game, ...

10. NASA Launches its First On-Demand Streaming Service, Updated App


“I am excited we have created a powerful trifecta with the recently revamped NASA website, the launch of NASA+, and the updated NASA App that showcases the many benefits our data can have for all humanity.”.

11. Igniting Possibilities: A Preview of the Upcoming Microsoft Ignite 2023

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The tech industry certainly is curious about Microsoft's advancements in conquering a new frontier — the development of AI chips. Sumeet Wadhwani Asst. Editor, Spiceworks Ziff Davis. November 8, 2023 ...

12. Las Vegas man credits Apple Watch for saving his life

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LAS VEGAS (KSNV) — A 40-year-old Las Vegas resident who has type 1 diabetes is crediting his Apple Watch for saving his life after the device called emergency services when he fell unconscious. Josh Furman said typically, when his blood sugar gets low, ...