Technology News for Tuesday 7th November 2023

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Nov 07th 2023

1. Epic Games opens antitrust trial by accusing Google of blocking, bribing competition

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SAN FRANCISCO (CN) — In opening arguments in an antitrust jury trial on Monday, lawyers for Epic Games — the company behind the hit game Fortnite — accused Google of using a strategy of “blocking and bribing” competition so that Google's Play Store ...

2. Why this tech is better than passwords, and how to switch

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A number of companies, such as Google and Amazon, allow users to log in to accounts and sites using passkeys. A passkey is a string of encrypted data that a user can access with a face scan, fingerprint or PIN. Many companies believe passkeys are the ...

3. Why making video games accessible for disabled players is empowering — and good business


Photo of a man in a wheelchair holding a small round video game controller. Accessibility consultant Paul Amadeus Lane with Sony's Access Controller, a controller designed with people with disabilities in mind. (Submitted by ...

4. Nintendo profits jump as 'Super Mario' movie makes the Japanese game giant popular again

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April-September profit at Nintendo Co., which didn't break down quarterly results, totaled nearly 271.3 billion yen ($1.8 billion), up from 230 billion yen a year earlier. Sales surged 21% to 796 billion yen ($5.3 billion).

5. Atlassian Confluence customers confront pair of critical vulnerabilities


Atlassian Confluence customers with on-premise deployments have a second actively exploited critical vulnerability to worry about in the span of a month. An improper ...

6. The Samsung Galaxy Buds FE offer premium features for $100 — but at a cost

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According to Samsung, the company wanted to develop budget-tier buds that boasted fan-favorite features such as active noise cancellation, ambient listening and Bixby voice assistance. While it's impressive that they boast these upscale ...

7. The M3 iMac makes Apple's gorgeous all-in-one much more powerful

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Packing the company's zippy new Apple M3 chip, the latest 24-inch iMac is one of the fastest Macs you can get for the money, chewing through everyday multitasking, light creative work and — gasp — some actual PC-grade gaming.

8. Nintendo lifts annual profit forecasts on strong game sales

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Japanese gaming giant Nintendo has today raised its annual forecasts after strong first-half sales of its new "Zelda" and "Mario" franchise games for the ageing Switch console. Helped by a weaker yen, Nintendo expects net profit to decline 3% to 420 ...

9. In-app gifting is catching on ahead of the holidays


The move is meant to emphasize the social nature of the platform at a time when shopping and social media are merging. Social platforms are adding commerce options, like TikTok with TikTok Shop. Meanwhile, shopping apps are adding social features, like ...

10. Euclid telescope's first images reveal new cosmic details


The first images captured by a powerful space telescope designed to create the most detailed 3D map of the “dark side” of the universe have been revealed. Launched by the European Space Agency in July, ...

11. Japan's Nintendo profits jump as its game sales get a boost from the hit Super Mario movie

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Nintendo is reporting an 18% rise in its net profit for the first fiscal half, as sales were boosted by its hit Super Mario movie. ByYURI KAGEYAMA AP business writer. November 7, 2023, 12:12 AM. FILE - A Nintendo sign is seen outside Nintendo's ...

12. Atlassian Bug Escalated to 10, All Unpatched Instances Vulnerable


Active ransomware and other cyberattacks against unpatched Atlassian Confluence Data Center and Server technology have driven up the CVSS score of the related vulnerability from its original 9.1 to 10, the most critical rating on the scale.

13. Nintendo Levels up Its Full-Year Forecasts

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Nintendo's latest quarterly results delivered better than expected Switch console and software sales, driven to a great extent, according to the Japanese gaming giant, by the April release of The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Nintendo writes in its report ...

14. Europe's Euclid space telescope amazes astronomers with initial razor-sharp images


Four other images show two nearby galaxies — the famous Horsehead nebula and a globular cluster — one of about 150 such spherical star swarms orbiting the core of the Milky Way. "We have never ...