Technology News for Sunday 5th November 2023

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Nov 05th 2023

1. Another Google Antitrust Battle Reaches Court in Epic Games Case

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The Fortnite creator accuses Google of stifling app competition, a challenge on top of a federal suit claiming the tech giant abuses its search dominance.

2. Vision Pro Is Unlikely to Be the Growth Engine Apple Needs Right Now

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It doesn't help that Apple hasn't released a new iPad all year, the first time that's happened since Steve Jobs launched the product in 2010. Though the company introduced new watches and AirPods — two pillars of its Wearables business — they were just ...

3. Where to look for opportunities in Australia's macro-outperformance


Our growth outlook has been downgraded by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), while the RBA has hinted at another hike on Melbourne Cup day. To this we can add recessionary consumer sentiment, continued rental stress and a record proportion of Aussies ...