Technology News for Thursday 2nd November 2023

10 new stories

Nov 02nd 2023

1. Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro: Can their higher price tags be justified?

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The duo's mostly incremental upgrades to 2022's Pixels are welcome additions, but the phones' tendency to heat up and question marks over when their full suite of AI tools will roll out here make the higher price tags hard to stomach.

2. How Microsoft's AI is messing up the news


Microsoft's decision to increasingly rely on the use of automation and AI over human editors to curate its homepage appears to be behind the site's recent amplification of false and bizarre stories, people familiar with how the site works told CNN.

3. Combating Toxicity With The Good Game Playbook


Ubisoft is continuing its efforts to create safer spaces in online games with its brand-new Good Game Playbook, a guide created in partnership with Safe In Our World, a mental health charity chaired by mental health experts and gaming veterans focused ...

4. The Daily: Why Google continues to accelerate, Maps becomes Search, and the most interesting trend in affiliate

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On today's podcast episode, we discuss the ongoing antitrust trial between Google and the Department of Justice, why Google should be looking over its shoulder at Amazon, and what to make of YouTube's most recent performance.

5. Biden's AI Executive Order Could Help $25 Billion Startup Anthropic


On October 30, President Biden signed an executive order on artificial intelligence in the East Room of the White House. The Biden Administration diverged from its hands off policy towards many other technologies and made “the federal ...

6. These Cozy Jackets Have Giant Pockets Just so You Can Take Your Tablet Outdoors

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Lenovo teamed up with fashion designers to make outerwear for carrying—and using—its Android tablets outside the home. Person wearing Lenovo Tab Wear.

7. Jeff Bezos engineered Amazon's shift toward irrelevant ads, newly unredacted FTC lawsuit alleges

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Amazon founder Jeff Bezos personally directed a monumental shift in the company's e-commerce business to embrace online advertising, according to a newly unredacted version of an antitrust lawsuit filed this fall by the Federal Trade Commission and 17 ...

8. Can Foundation Models Be Safe When Adversaries Can Customize Them?


Researchers show that ChatGPT can be jailbroken with only 20 cents, but they are working on making this more difficult with “self-destructing models.”.

9. A fully automated deep-learning model for predicting the molecular subtypes of posterior fossa ependymomas using T2 ...


The Dice similarity coefficient was used to evaluate the segmentation performance. Receiver operating characteristic analysis for molecular subtype prediction was performed. Results: For tumor segmentation, the T2-nnU-Net achieved a dice score of 0.94±0.02 ...

10. Inside Apple's Decade-Long Challenge to Reinvent Health Care


This is not only apparent in many of Apple's health efforts to date, but in the upcoming blood pressure, blood sugar and sleep apnea sensors. The features will notify you if something is off, but they won't be able to, at least in the first versions, give ...