Technology News for Wednesday 1st November 2023

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Nov 01st 2023

1. Specieswatch: red-capped fly agaric is a fungi cover star


The startling red cap of the fly agaric, Amanita muscaria, is a favourite image on the cover of books about fungi. It is unmistakable and dangerous, being toxic and hallucinogenic. Its name comes from its traditional country use in killing flies.

2. Tesla wins first US Autopilot trial involving fatal crash of Model 3

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Tesla has won the first trial in the United States over allegations that its Autopilot driver assistant feature led to a death, a major victory for the automaker as it faces several other lawsuits and federal investigations related to the same ...

3. Britain publishes 'Bletchley Declaration' on AI safety


The declaration encouraged transparency and accountability from actors developing frontier AI technology on their plans to measure, monitor and mitigate potentially harmful capabilities. "This is a landmark achievement that sees the world's greatest AI ...

4. Hip-Hop Classic "It Takes Two" Takes on New Meaning in Remix to Elevate Importance of Testing for Kidney Disease


Boehringer Ingelheim and Lilly team up with hip-hop artist Rob Base for the launch of It Takes 2™ – a new health initiative to educate healthcare professionals and adults at risk for kidney disease on the condition's unknown nature and the benefits of ...

5. Blue Origin shows off moon lander prototype for NASA's Artemis program

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However, Blue Origin has not yet stated a target launch date for the lander, dubbed Blue Moon Mark 1. Comments (0). two men in suits stand in a brightly-lit hangar in front of a capsule. Blue Origin's Jeff Bezos, left, and NASA administrator Bill ...

6. Microsoft starts selling its Copilot AI tool for email and documents

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Microsoft already many big businesses using Copilot as it begins selling the artificial-intelligence add-on to Office productivity software subscriptions for $30 per person per month. Piper Sandler analysts estimate that the tool could generate over ...

7. Up to 3 'really strong' recommendations is more than enough for your LinkedIn—here's how to get them


“LinkedIn recommendations are an opportunity to reinforce what you are saying about your skills and qualities,” says Angelina Darrisaw, career coach and founder of C-Suite Coach. “In some ways, they are validating that what you are saying about yourself is ...

8. Global adversaries and allies reach first agreement on containing AI risks


BLETCHLEY, England — Governments from six continents on Wednesday agreed to a broad road map to limit the risks and harness the benefits of artificial intelligence, coming together in Bletchley Park, the symbolic birthplace of the digital era, ...

9. South Korea and France to host next two AI Safety Summits


BLETCHLEY PARK, England, Nov 1 (Reuters) - South Korea will host the next global AI Safety Summit in six months' time, Britain announced on Wednesday at the opening of the inaugural summit at Bletchley Park in central England.

10. 'Lunar gold rush': NASA wants to mine the moon


Mining the moon isn't just fodder for the movies. Scientists at NASA and the U.S. Geological Survey are using their Earthly expertise to identify and catalog resources on the celestial body to look for valuable materials — from minerals and crushed ...

11. A mean-field description for the expansion kinetics of activated T cell populations


Antigen-mediated T cell activation is a crucial step in generating an immune response during which T cells undergo a division burst before they enter a state of quiescence known as division destiny. Experiments showed that division destiny can be ...

12. $13M NIH grant funds research aimed at revitalizing immune systems of older adults


A $13 million NIH grant will fund three projects designed to help researchers learn more about how T cells are created and maintained and create interventions to improve immune defense. Image. human T cell. $13M grant funds research to revitalize aging ...

13. Forrester: What To Expect In Tech, Advertisers And Ad Agencies In 2024


Forrester, a research and advisory company, recently issued two reports on what to expect in 2024 from media and advertising as well as ad agencies. Forrester expects the impact of technology, especially AI, will continue to be disruptive, resulting in ...

14. Apple's 'scary fast' upgrades hint at its vision for the AI era

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“They are the most advanced chips ever created for a personal computer,” Cook said. “This deep integration is something only Apple can deliver, and we never stop innovating.” At a time ...

15. She Wasn't There to Make Friends


When you purchase an independently reviewed book through our site, we earn an affiliate commission. FIERCE AMBITION: The Life and Legend of War Correspondent Maggie Higgins, by Jennet Conant ...