Technology News for Sunday 12th September 2021

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Sep 12th 2021

1. Google Search Dark Mode Finally Arrives for Desktop Users: How to Enable

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The Device default setting automatically matches the colour scheme of the device. The Dark setting shows a light text over a dark background and vice-versa for the Light settings. Gadgets 360 was also able to change the appearance settings on Google Search ...

2. Instagram Is Working on an Update That Will Allow You to See Your 'Favorites' First


In general, I can be on the fence about Instagram. The pressure to be “perfect” for the 'gram can make me roll my eyes or bore me (though yes, I have succumbed to this pressure before, I'm only human). One thing Instagram knows is that I like is cats, ...

3. Apple's iPhone 13 has a lot to live up to after the iPhone 12's success


The tech giant is expected to offer new iPhones on Sept. 14 that could include technology for making emergency phone calls even without a cellular signal. The new feature, which reportedly will rely on a chip designed to talk to satellites, may not arrive ...

4. How to back up your iPhone even if there's 'Not enough iCloud storage'

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Manage iCloud storage by removing old backups for iOS devices you no longer have. James Phelan/CNET. Backing up your iPhone is just one of the mundane tasks you do as a functioning adult. There are a few different ways to back up your Apple device but ...

5. iPhone 13 rumors: All the last-minute gossip about Apple's new iPhone

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The latest iPhone 13 gossip came from an investor report from Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, reported on by 9to5Mac. According to Kuo, the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max will be available in 1TB storage. The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini will reportedly ...

6. iPhone 13 vs. iPhone 12: All the major differences we're expecting to see


Apple's new iPhone could debut soon, but maybe the iPhone 12 will be best for you? Here's how the two smartphones compare based on rumors. Alison DeNisco Rayome headshot.

7. Apple Watch Series 7: Back On Track With 'Dramatic Change,' Insider Says

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Sure, Series 7's spiffy design will be carried over, but Kuo expects sales of Series 8 to be strong thanks to a new round of health and fitness monitoring updates. Chief among these may be the ...

8. iOS 15: Exactly When Apple Will Release Its Show-Stopping iPhone Upgrade

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Apple revealed iOS 15 back in June, and it was available in beta form to developers and the rest of us soon after. It's a big, big update with a lot of exciting new features. And it's about to go live as a general release. But when, exactly?

9. Here's what Apple is expected to announce at its iPhone 13 launch event Tuesday

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Fresh off a legal sting in its battle over App Store payment practices, Apple Inc. will be looking to refocus attention back on its technology with its upcoming iPhone reveal. The smartphone giant is expected to unveil its iPhone 13 lineup — as well as ...

10. Chinese players start review-bombing Life is Strange: True Colors over Tibetan flag


That flag is used a symbol of the Tibetan independence movement and is banned in mainland China, which is why it's become a source of complaint among Chinese players on Steam. While its user rating ...

11. The first iPhone with 1TB of storage is reportedly coming Tuesday


Days before Apple's California Streaming event on September 14th, a new investor report from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says he expects the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max to each have a 1TB storage configuration (h/t 9to5Mac). Kuo also says the iPhone ...