Technology News for Saturday 11th September 2021

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Sep 11th 2021

1. Uh... Jake From State Farm Is In NBA 2K22


NBA 2K22 was released yesterday across PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One. Like previous NBA 2K games, 2K22 features The City, a large online open-world mode that lets players walk around, play basketball, shop in stores, and uh.

2. How mobile app developers can thrive in Apple's new world


State of Survival is a 4X strategy game on mobile that's responding to IDFA changes. IDFA and cookie changes aren't as bad as zombies, but it's still a problem for mobile app developers.

3. Find secret Alexa-only discounts when you order through Amazon Echo. Here's how

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The absolute best deals are only available if you order with Alexa, available on Amazon smart speakers like the Echo Dot with Clock (left) and Echo Dot. Chris Monroe/CNET. Did you know Amazon offers a few secret discounts only available through your ...

4. 9 great reads from CNET this week: Facebook's Ray-Bans, broadband maps, foldable phones and more

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They're back. Smart glasses. Not the ones from Google and Snap that largely fizzled and faded from view many months and years ago. Now there's a new pair of high-tech glasses that craves your attention: the awkwardly named Ray-Ban Stories from Facebook ...

5. Apple's iPhone 13: Every upgrade we hope comes to the new phone

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The next iPhone is rumored to have a high refresh rate screen which could bode well for making those Apple Arcade games look even better. Patrick Holland/CNET. The iPhone 13 ...

6. Apple's iPhone 13 has a lot to live up to after the iPhone 12's success

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Last year, Apple tapped 5G wireless as one of the key new things about its iPhone 12, promising faster downloads and more reliability. With this year's next iPhone, Apple may be looking to the heavens for its next big breakthrough.

7. Here's the affordable TCL foldable phone that could've been


TCL's foldable is real. But you'll never be able to buy it. Richard Peterson/CNET. For over two years, TCL has been showing prototypes of possible foldable phones to reporters. One had a 10-inch screen that bent into thirds. Another featured a screen ...

8. iPhone 11 vs. iPhone SE: $200 more doesn't mean drastically better photos


The combination of the A13 Bionic chip and iOS 13 absolutely raises the iPhone 8's camera hardware to the next level on the SE. The SE's rear camera has a 28mm f1.8 lens, while the iPhone 11 has two rear cameras: a main one with a 26mm f1.8 lens and an ...

9. Samsung Care Plus: What to know about Samsung's take on AppleCare

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You can get your Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Z Flip 3 covered under Care Plus. But what does that really mean? Lexy Savvides/CNET. At its third Unpacked event of 2021, Samsung unveiled its latest foldable phones -- the Galaxy Z Fold 3 ($1,800) and the ...

10. Arkane's 'Redfall' Leaks Suggest It's Going To Be A Borderlands-Like Looter


One of the surprises at Xbox's last showcase was a new game from Arkane called Redfall, which debuted a cinematic trailer, and had players hunting down vampires. What was not clear was what type of game it was, exactly, and no real information about it ...

11. Even Rockstar Can't Explain Why You Should Buy 'GTA 5' Again On PS5 Or Xbox Series X


One of the most bizarre moments of Sony's showcase was a trailer for GTA 5's next-gen remaster, which takes the game to its third console generation, now PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. The trailer is underwater in likes/dislikes on YouTube, something that ...

12. Leaked Redfall images show first and third-person modes and a lot of loot


A number of leaked images for Arkane's co-op vampire game Redfall have made their way online, just a few days before the release of the studio's new title Deathloop. The Redfall leaked screenshots appear to show the option to play in first or ...

13. Review: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

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Samsung's second swing at a foldable-screen phone is a far more refined device than its predecessor - and one that's somewhat easier on the wallet too - but it still doesn't make a particularly persuasive case for the form factor.

14. TCL won't release a foldable smartphone this year


Its clamshell-style foldable phone, codenamed Project Chicago, was in mid-development when the company made the decision to put it on indefinite hold. According to TCL the delay is due in part to rising production costs and supply chain shortages.