Technology News for Wednesday 8th September 2021

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Sep 08th 2021

1. Samsung Galaxy A52s First Impressions: Building on Performance

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The Galaxy A52s gets a Snapdragon 778G processor · It has a 120Hz refresh rate Super AMOLED display · With a polycarbonate frame and back, this phone has an IP67 ...

2. Epic, Bless Its Heart, Is Trying To Sell An Unreal Demo Fortnite Skin


Behold the Fortnite version of Echo Windwalker! Wait, sorry, Windwalker Echo. You know, the hero from last year's Unreal Engine 5 demo?

3. Pokémon Oreos Would Be Cooler If Nabisco Workers Weren't Striking


This morning, Oreo announced a new variation of its popular sandwich cookies decorated with Pokémon characters. But while I love me some cross-brand synergy ...

4. Star Citizen Gets Slap On Wrist Over Selling Ships That May Never Exist


Star Citizen, the Winds of Winter of video games, has recently come under fire for misleading advertising practices, at least in the eyes of one British ...

5. Microsoft acquires video creation and editing software maker Clipchamp

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According to Microsoft, Clipchamp is a “natural fit” to extend its exiting productivity experiences in Microsoft 365 for families, schools, and businesses. The ...

6. Twitter wants you to tweet to interest-based communities, not just followers

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Twitter is on a tear with new features lately and its latest experiment, called Communities, is designed to make it easier to connect around shared interests.

7. Twitter tests a safety feature on web to remove followers without blocking them

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Sometimes, users want to stop a follower from seeing their tweets without outright blocking them — if that follower were to navigate directly to their page, it' ...

8. Money Stuff: Lending Bitcoins Is Tricky


A Bitcoin lending program — in which (1) a bunch of people pool their Bitcoins, (2) some manager or smart contract lends those Bitcoins to borrowers who pay ...

9. Inside the rise of Whoop, Boston's fitness-wearable tech giant


Will Ahmed, the Harvard squash captain-turned-entrepreneur, was at his parents' house on Long Island six years ago, watching a basketball game.

10. Pokemon Oreos are coming, but good luck finding the super rare Mew


The characters will include such favorites as Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle, but they won't be evenly distributed, and not all 16 will be included ...

11. PS5 restock tracker: PlayStation Experience likely means more consoles coming soon


Following a recent flurry of online sales from retailers, it's been more challenging than usual to find a good PS5 restock. But with Sony prepping the next ...

12. Razer Basilisk V3 gaming mouse hand-on: Much ado about scrolling


Unlike most of its kin, Razer's Basilisk gaming mice don't have a particular type of game in mind. FPS, RPG, MOBA -- it can handle wherever your tastes fall ...

13. WarioWare: Get It Together is peak weird multiplayer Nintendo

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The detachable controllers, the way it can dock with a TV or be on its own. The byzantine rules about accounts and game saves. It's easy to normalize the ...

14. iPhone 13 launch happens Sept. 14 at the biggest Apple event of 2021

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Apple's invite includes the phrase "California streaming." It features a neon outline of the Apple logo set against a silhouette of a mountain range. The ...

15. iPhone 13: New phone design with stylish colors rumored to debut at Apple's event

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Apple could be adding a new Sunset Gold color to the iPhone 13 lineup, shown above in this render by Twitter user @RendersbyIan.

16. iPhone 13 release date: Here's everything we know about the announcement next week

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Based on the 2021 calendar, the Labor Day rule would have put the September Apple event (and the unveiling of the iPhone 13) this week. But, since Apple ...

17. iPhone 13 vs. iPhone 12: All the major rumored differences between Apple's phones

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The iPhone 12 is almost one year old, bringing us close to the time that Apple historically announces new phones and a new Apple Watch for the fall. Typically ...

18. Should I still buy a Samsung Galaxy S20 or S21 or wait for the S22?

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Samsung's Galaxy S21 is currently $800, and you might want to save money by going with last year's Galaxy S20. Sarah Tew/CNET.

19. Supercharge your iPhone video with DJI's OM 5 gimbal


But if you want to take your video production to the next level you could consider investing in a stabilizing gimbal and DJI's latest OM5 is a great, compact ...

20. Google Meet gets new videoconference hardware with interactive displays

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The Google Meet Series One Desk 27 and Board 65 are the latest addition to Google's teleconferencing system. Avocor. As hybrid and remote work are projected ...

21. Valorant update 3.05 patch notes: Fracture map, ranked updates, ability changes


Valorant's newest patch notes, update 3.05, include changes to various ability changes and updates to competitive. Oh, and not to mention the new “H” shaped ...

22. Diablo 2: Resurrected's ultrawide support breaks the game, so it's been removed


That proved problematic as anyone using a ranged class could use the extra space to attack foes without retaliation as the enemy wouldn't register that it was ...

23. Razer's Basilisk V3 has more LEDs and a brilliant scroll wheel


Razer's new Basilisk V3 wired gaming mouse has arrived with more features than its predecessor, as well as a slightly lower price. It's out now at Razer's ...

24. Lenovo is rebooting its Chromebook Duet with a 13.3-inch OLED screen

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The Chromebook Duet 5 (branded as the IdeaPad Duet 5 Chromebook outside of North America) is a head-to-toe reimagining of the detachable budget-oriented Duet, ...

25. DJI's smartphone gimbal is now a selfie stick, too


DJI just released the Osmo Mobile 5, a new smartphone gimbal, which includes a telescoping selfie stick (okay, sure, an “extension rod”) built right into ...

26. The Gmail app takes calls now, too, because Google wants it to do everything

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Google is announcing even more Workspace features today, part of an increased cadence of changes to the company's office and communications software suite ...

27. The Series One Desk 27 is a $2000 Google Meet machine that doubles as a laptop monitor

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Google is announcing two new hardware devices designed specifically to work with Google Meet and to look like Google hardware. The Series One Desk 27 and ...

28. The first 'Designed for Google Meet' device is a $200 phone dock

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The Rayz Rally Pro comes in a gray-tone fabric-covered body that looks a bit like Google's smart speakers but with a phone dock carveout. The speaker dock comes ...