Technology News for Saturday 4th September 2021

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Sep 04th 2021

1. WhatsApp chat history transfer now from iPhone to Samsung phone is now possible: Here's how

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The company has announced this in a blog post and has also noted that you can only do the migration during initial setup of your new Samsung device. Read on to ...

2. Apple AirPods 3 vs. AirPods Pro: All the major differences we expect to see

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Rumors and reports suggest that a refreshed version of the standard AirPods (yes, the ones with the long stems) could launch in 2021, and Apple's annual product ...

3. Best phone to buy in 2021

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Whether you want Apple's iPhone, a Google Pixel, a Samsung Galaxy or another phone, these are the top options you can buy right now. Andrew Hoyle headshot.

4. Best Samsung phones to buy in 2021

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Samsung's new Galaxy Z Fold 3 or Z Flip 3 represent the top end of Samsung's phone line with its latest take on folding phones, while the more traditionally ...

5. Will You Get The Free Windows 11 Upgrade? Here's The Definitive Answer


Portrait of a cheerful young woman wearing casual standing isolated over yellow background, holding laptop. Check if your laptop meets the Windows 11 ...

6. iOS 15: Apple Just Revealed A Game-Changing New iPhone Privacy Move

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Currently, this is on by default, allowing Apple to use your App Store purchase history and other factors to inform the ads you see in News and Stocks, and for ...

7. Halo Infinite battle pass progression will be tied to challenges and not match XP


But, unlike other battle passes, the challenges and rewards don't expire! So no matter how long it's been since the release of a challenge, you'll be able to go ...

8. Horizon Forbidden West was supposed to have a free upgrade from PS4 to PS5


On Thursday, Sony announced that its Horizon Forbidden West game, sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, would be available for pre-order ahead of its February 2022 ...

9. Google Pixel 5a vs. iPhone SE shoot-out: Which budget phone takes better photos?

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This Google Pixel 5a vs. iPhone SE camera shoot-out will look at just how these budget phones compare. Both take awesome pictures considering their low cost ...