Technology News for Wednesday 22nd June 2022

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Jun 22nd 2022

1. Quordle #149 is here: Today's clues and hints to find the answers of June 22 Quordle


The previous weekend, We toned down the difficulty level of Quordle a bit, but Tuesday, Quordle 149 was more difficult than usual. Have you found out the words yet? Quordle is a daily word guessing game with a larger vocabulary than Wordle. It is much ...

2. Meta and Microsoft are ready to map out metaverse tech. Apple and Google won't be joining them

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The coalition of tech companies, retail outfits, and digital nonprofits announced Tuesday the formation of the Metaverse Standards Forum, an open consortium dedicated to developing metaverse interoperability protocols. In layman's terms: The group wants to ...

3. Nothing phone (1) Glyph Interface: All about those lights on the back


This is coupled with a Glyph Interface settings page, where you can configure the lighting strips the way you want. This includes setting up the lights to show you how much your battery has charged, indicating when wireless reverse charging has been ...

4. Asus ROG Flow Z13 review: A gaming laptop or tablet?


Asus' ROG Flow Z13 is built on the same foundation as the X13, but this new device is a gaming tablet with a detachable keyboard and an optional external GPU. Advertisement.

5. Google News launches a new desktop design with topic customization

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Until now, if you logged on to Google News, you'd see the headlines section first, along with the weather widget on the side. Other sections like World, For You, and Local news were accessible by scrolling down or by clicking on these topics from the ...

6. Alexa will soon be able to read stories as your dead grandma


At its annual re:Mars conference today in Las Vegas, Amazon's Senior Vice President and Head Scientist for Alexa, Rohit Prasad, announced a spate of new and upcoming features for the company's smart assistant. The most head turning of the bunch was a ...

7. Fitbit rolls out a new premium 'Sleep Profile' feature to better assess sleep patterns


These new data points, along with previously tracked metics like sleep duration and restfulness, will give users a month-long view of their sleep patterns and quality. You will be provided with ideal ranges for each range to see where your results fall and ...

8. Google now lets merchants add an 'LGBTQ owned' label to their profiles on Maps and Search

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The new label joins the current options available to merchants, which include Black-owned, Latino-owned, veteran-owned and women-owned. The label also expands on the “LGBTQ+ friendly” and “transgender safespace” labels that are visible on business profiles ...

9. Samsung Galaxy F13 with 6000 mAh battery launched in India: Price, specs

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The Galaxy F13 will be available in 4GB+64GB and 4GB+128GB configurations priced at Rs 11,999 and Rs 12,999, respectively. “Continuing the Samsung legacy of bringing meaningful innovations, we are pleased to launch the all-new Galaxy F13 - the perfect ...

10. View Photos of the 2022 BMW M4 Competition xDrive

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The 2022 BMW M4 Competition coupe (and its M3 Competition sedan counterpart) isn't lacking for power, what with its twin-turbo 3.0-liter inline-six churning out 503 horses and 479 pound-feet of torque. But based on the significantly quicker ...

11. Amazon demonstrates Alexa mimicking the voice of a deceased relative

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At Amazon's Re:Mars conference in Las Vegas on Wednesday, the company demoed a feature that enables its Alexa voice assistant to emulate any voice. The feature, which is still in development, could be used to replicate a family member's voice, ...

12. The MacBook Pro M2 is one of the fastest laptops ever — but it still feels stuck in the past


With all that said, who is the MacBook Pro M2 actually for? And are its best-in-class speeds worth giving up modern conveniences like a borderless display and better charging port? I used the new MacBook Pro as my main computer for a week to figure out ...

13. A neglected way to unblock Fallopian tubes needs revisiting


In-vitro fertilisation (ivf) is marvellous. But it is also a palaver. It involves drugs, injections, early morning vaginal ultrasound monitoring, sedation, minor surgery, medical skill, high-tech machines and luck. And at several thousand dollars a pop ...

14. The 2023 Porsche 911 GT3 RS Looks Bananas In New Photos


The 992-generation Porsche 911 GT3 RS is nearly upon us, and these new spy photos reveal a car that looks as close to production ready as a prototype can get. For months we've been seeing images of cars that were camouflaged running around the famed ...

15. MacBook Pro 13-Inch 2022 (M2 Processor) Review: Fast, Familiar And Surprisingly Affordable

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Does this brand new Apple MacBook Pro laptop look familiar? It should. Unlike the redesigned 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros released last fall, this new 13-incher remains mostly the same physically. It even retains the Touch Bar touchscreen strip ...

16. Ford To Close Its German Plant In 2025, Ford Of Europe Chairman Confirms


Ford's Saarlouis plant could close as EVs and compact SUVs eat up its Focus hatch. Ford's Saarlouis (Germany) plant is facing an uncertain future after losing future Ford EV ..

17. A community poisoned by oil


People living in Wilmington, California, experience higher levels of illness and ailing mental health. Adam Mahoney. Image credit: Pablo Unzueta / High Country News. June 22, 2022.

18. Fallopian tube recanalization may reduce need for more invasive fertility treatments


Implementing fallopian tube recanalization — an interventional radiology procedure — after selective salpingography may enable infertile women to conceive without undergoing more invasive treatments, according to researchers.

19. Xiaomi 12 Pro review: Top-tier chipset, smooth screen, excellent cameras, but is it a true flagship?

Domain: | Companies: Apple, Samsung

What is a flagship? Just a few years ago, the answer to this was easy. Every year, Apple had one iPhone, Samsung had a Galaxy and Note, and there was the 'flagship killer' from OnePlus and a comparable model from Xiaomi. All these used whatever was the ...

20. Nintendo unveils Xenoblade Chronicles 3 direct presentation packed with new footage and details

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 can also serve as an entry point for anyone looking to become engrossed in an immense RPG world with dynamic characters, a rich narrative and epic scope! In Aionios, the world ...

21. Google News Redesign Launches On Desktop

Domain: | Companies: Google

Google is launching a redesigned version of Google News on desktop that users can customize to meet their information needs. This update adds: The ability to add filters; Customizable topics; An expanded Fact Check section. Google says the new look for ...

22. Slack will add video to impromptu meeting app Huddles


Slack, which is becoming the collaboration hub for Salesforce customers, plans to offer the option of video conversations on the impromptu meeting tool Huddles. The fall update, which also adds screen sharing to Huddles, will let workers deal with ...

23. A step in the right direction for the metaverse


From a futuristic idea in the novel Snow Crash three decades ago, metaverse has now come of age. At least, the concept is attracting lots of cash from rich big tech firms. Metaverse projects are booming, and large tech firms have thrown plenty of money ...

24. Why is Apple beta testing a feature to bypass CAPTCHAs?

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A CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) is a security measure to verify whether the person behind the screen is real or a bot that is trying to break into a password protected account.

25. Twitter may have long-form notes feature soon

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Twitter to launch a new long-form blogging feature called Twitter Notes in the coming weeks. With the new feature, Twitter will let users create articles with rich formatting and media uploads which can then be tweeted and shared with followers.

26. Google will let LGBTQ-plus merchants tag their businesses in Maps

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While Google Maps has had labels like LGBTQ-friendly and Transgender Safe Space for years, the company says that the new business identity attribute will help people who choose to support diverse businesses and could help queer people find nearby ...

27. Fitbit is categorizing sleep with cartoon animals


Fitbit is launching a new Sleep Profile feature for premium members that will categorize users as one of six animal characters, the company announced today. Users are grouped based on 10 sleep metrics — five of which are new to Fitbit.

28. Ikea's new virtual design tool deletes your furniture and replaces it with Ikea's


Ikea Kreativ's Scene Scanner feature lets you scan a room using Ikea's iOS app, erase your existing furniture, and then place virtual furniture in its place. If you don't want to scan your own home, there are also over 50 virtual showrooms to place ...

29. Google News gets more personal with desktop redesign

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Users can now more easily customize the topics they're shown by hitting the blue “customize” button in the right hand column (it appears just below “Picks For You”). They can also add multiple locations to the “Local News” section by hitting the settings ...

30. Xbox Cloud Gaming is getting mouse and keyboard support and latency improvements

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Microsoft is preparing to add mouse and keyboard support to its Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud) service that streams Xbox games to TVs, PCs, mobile devices, and more. The software giant teased the addition earlier this year, and now it's encouraging game ...

31. Polestar now supports Apple CarPlay after an over-the-air software update

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People who own both a Polestar 2 and an iPhone will now be able to mirror their phone's display on the vehicle's 11-inch portrait-oriented touchscreen. In addition to accessing some of their apps, CarPlay users will also be able to use Siri to change music ...

32. Amazon Prime Day 2022 is coming—shop the best early Amazon deals ahead of July 12

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Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed's editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission. When it comes to online sales, millions have their clocks set to scour Amazon Prime Day 2022. This year's major shopping ...

33. The man who saved Final Fantasy is forging its future with 'FFXVI'


Working on the project is Naoki Yoshida, a producer first brought on to salvage developer Square Enix's critically panned venture into the MMORPG genre, “Final Fantasy XIV,” and who is often cited as saving not just “FFXIV,” but potentially the entire ...

34. Review: Apple MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2022)

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Good performance and battery life. Compact and lightweight. Increased memory option. TIRED. Expensive. Same ol' design. Lacks ports. 720p webcam. No MagSafe. Includes Touch Bar ...

35. Ford Picks Spain for Production of New Electric Vehicle


Ford Motor Co. plans to build a next generation of electric vehicles at its factory in Valencia, Spain, leaving the future of its factory in Saarlouis, Germany, uncertain, as the U.S. auto maker pushes ahead to prepare for a potential European ban on ...