Technology News for Tuesday 21st June 2022

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Jun 21st 2022

1. Quordle 148 is here: Clues and hint to find the answer of June 21 Quordle


Quordle needs much brainstorming to fill all the boxes with the correct answer. Although Quordle is a regular word game like Wordle, recently, it has been getting many clouts. The rules to play Quordle are similar to Wordle's but have their twist.

2. Realme C30 launched in India starting at Rs 7499: All you need to know


Realme recently launched a new entry-level smartphone in the Indian smartphone market. The new device is the Realme C30, a budget phone that starts at Rs 7,499 and comes with specifications including a Unisoc T612 chipset, a 5,000mAh battery and an ...

3. Should you wait for Apple's iPhone 14 series or buy the iPhone 13 now?


It's that time of the year again. Prices of iPhones have started to come down and there is a chance that you're going to get either a better deal online or even offline from your local mobile phone retailer. If the dealer is desperate to sell you an ...

4. Copilot, GitHub's AI-powered programming assistant, is now generally available

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Last June, Microsoft-owned GitHub and OpenAI launched Copilot, a service that provides suggestions for whole lines of code inside development environments like Microsoft Visual Studio. Available as a downloadable extension, Copilot is powered by an AI ...

5. Elon Musk Sounds Off on Recession Risk, Twitter Deal and Trump

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World's richest man says layoffs are underway at Tesla amid supply constraints and explains why he likes Dogecoin, in Bloomberg interview. By. Angus Whitley. +Follow. June 21, 2022, 5:08 AM PDT ...

6. iOS 16 to let users bypass CAPTCHAs in select apps and websites: Report

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Tech giant Apple's all-new operating system iOS 16 has introduced support for bypassing CAPTCHAs in supported apps and websites for users that can be found in the Settings app. When enabled, Apple says iCloud will automatically and privately verify ...

7. 2 former Tesla employees have filed a lawsuit against the company claiming its mass layoffs violated federal law

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In early June, CEO Elon Musk said Tesla needed to cut 10% of its staff, per Reuters. The two former employees are looking to claim 60 days' worth of pay and benefits.

8. Apple is reportedly re-valuating the use of BOE OLED displays for iPhone 14 series

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Apple had struck a deal with China's BOE earlier this year for the supply for OLED display panels for the new iPhone 14 series that are going to be launched in a couple of months. However, when BOE altered the display circuit design, the deal came ...

9. Elon Musk clarifies Tesla will lay off 3.5% of total workforce as ex-employees sue company

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Two former Tesla employees sued the company Sunday, alleging it violated U.S. federal laws regarding “mass layoffs.” In this article.

10. Elon Musk: Tesla is cutting salaried staff now, but will hire more soon

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(CNN) Tesla is moving ahead with plans to layoff about 10% of its salaried staff, CEO Elon Musk said Tuesday. But he also expects the company's overall workforce will be larger a year from now than it is today. Musk has been sending out conflicting ...

11. NetEase delays 'Diablo Immortal' release in China


London/Beijing (CNN Business) NetEase appears to be in hot water. The Chinese gaming company delayed the launch of a widely anticipated video game in mainland China this week after one of its social media accounts was blocked for allegedly making a ...

12. Xbox reveals more games coming to Game Pass in June


Then, 23rd June brings two more titles: FIFA 2022 (console and PC) and mythical action game Naraka: Bladepoint (cloud, console, PC).

13. First images of the McLaren Artura GT4 ahead of FOS debut

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Another new global public debut taking place at the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard will be the McLaren Artura GT4, the race-spec version of the marque's new staple supercar. Appearances tell of exactly what to expect from a GT4 ...

14. Prodrive P25 is the ultimate rally restomod and debuts at FOS


It's blue, turbocharged, all-wheel-drive and just a couple of days away now from flying up the Goodwood Hill in what will be a time warp moment for fans of the Subaru Impreza WRC. It's the Prodrive P25 and its dynamic debut at the Festival of Speed ...

15. Aussie Deals: Red Hot and Plot Thickening Sales with Up to 86% off, 30 Amazon Prime Freebies and More!

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R.I.P. savings account and social calendar. · 10 Second Ninja X · 8Doors: Arum's Afterlife Adventure · Addling Adventures · Bang Bang Racing · Clouds & Sheep 2 · Death Squared · Fatal Fury Special · Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams ...

16. Microsoft Confirms Xbox Controller Shortages

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Microsoft has confirmed that supply disruptions have caused shortages of Xbox controllers in countries across the globe. In a statement to VGC, Microsoft said “We know it might be hard finding Xbox Wireless Controllers right now due to supply ...

17. Homegrown Noise launches its first smart eyewear at ?5999

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Indian electronics and accessories maker, Noise, has launched its first pair of smart eyewear, called Noise i1. The product, priced at ?5,999, is identical to what audio brand Bose had introduced in December 2018 with Bose Frames.

18. Diablo Immortal's Chinese launch delayed at last moment


Diablo Immortal, Blizzard's controversial mobile game entry in its famous action-RPG series, has had its release in China delayed just days before it was due to launch. The launch had been set for June 23, but a post on June 19 by the game's ...

19. Far Cry 5, Total War: Three Kingdoms, and FIFA 22 hit Xbox Game Pass in the next two weeks


The back half of June brings a bunch of new games to consoles, cloud, and PC for Xbox Game Pass subscribers. Two strategy games are available right now: the Shadowrun Trilogy, a cyberpunk cult hit from Paradox Interactive, is available for cloud and ...

20. Guy makes a working Xbox Series X the size of a fridge

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Michael Pick, a YouTuber known for making a larger than life Nintendo Switch, has struck again. This time, the content creator published a video debuting his latest creation: A giant Xbox Series X that rivals a refrigerator in size and weight.

21. What Is Google LaMDA & Why Did Someone Believe It's Sentient?

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Groundedness was a training process for teaching LaMDA to research for factual validity, which means that answers can be verified through “known sources.” That's important because, according to the research paper, neural language ...

22. How a Google Employee Fell for the Eliza Effect

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Determining who and what is or is not sentient is one of the defining questions of almost any moral code. By Brian Christian. Illustration of a human eye made up of keyboard strokes. The Atlantic; Getty. June 21, 2022, 6 AM ET.

23. Twelve South's new Apple charger is a compact and cheaper three-in-one alternative

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Although the HiRise3 only works with MagSafe-compatible iPhones, it's not an MFi-certified MagSafe charger. iPhone 12 and 13 devices will still magnetically stick to it, and they'll still charge — but only at 7.5W rather than the full 15W of charging that ...

24. Sony could have a trio of new gaming headsets on the way


The H7 and H9, meanwhile, are wireless, and can connect over either Bluetooth or with an included USB dongle. The H9 is the more premium of the two, and reportedly supports noise cancellation. All three support 360-degree spatial audio.

25. Microsoft, Meta, and others are founding a metaverse open standards group

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Microsoft, Epic Games, Meta, and 33 other companies and organizations have formed a standards group for “metaverse” tech. The Metaverse Standards Forum is supposed to foster open, interoperable standards for augmented and virtual reality, geospatial, ...

26. Tesla accused of violating federal law over 'mass layoffs' at Gigafactory

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Two former Tesla employees have filed a lawsuit claiming the company violated federal law for failing to provide 60 days' notice for a mass layoff. The lawsuit, which was filed on Sunday, follows the news that Tesla plans on laying off hourly workers, ...

27. Microsoft to retire controversial facial recognition tool that claims to identify emotion

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Microsoft is phasing out public access to a number of AI-powered facial analysis tools — including one that claims to identify a subject's emotion from videos and pictures. Such “emotion recognition” tools have been criticized by experts.

28. The McLaren Artura GT4 racer is a lightweight


“Based on the revolutionary new McLaren Artura, it represents a significant step up from the outgoing 570S GT4, itself a hugely successful competition car which has achieved many race and championship wins with our customer racing teams.

29. Beat Prime Day prices with these Best Buy deals on Apple, Samsung, Whirlpool and LG

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After all, finding new devices for your kitchen, living room and more can be a pricey process and any bit of savings is appreciated. If you want to skip the process of signing up for a Prime membership and just cut to the deals, Best Buy has some of the ...