Technology News for Tuesday 7th June 2022

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Jun 07th 2022

1. Apple just unveiled its biggest MacBook Air rethink in a decade. Here are 5 changes you need to know

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Apple Inc. unveiled the most significant overhaul to its popular MacBook Air laptop in more than a decade, bringing a fresh design, new colors and a speedier M2 processor from its homegrown chip line.

2. 5 biggest surprises from Apple's WWDC 2022 event


From the debut of the next-generation CarPlay to the ability to use your iPhone as a Mac webcam, these are the most unexpected announcements at Apple's WWDC 2022. Advertisement.

3. Apple announces new developer tools and APIs for better app experiences

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Apple has also announced a variety of new technological innovations to further push forward the app experience. The new announcement encompasses new tools, technologies and APIs that the company says are designed to help developers create better and ...

4. Apple Watch to Add Medication Tracking, AFib History Features

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The new operating system update will enable users to manage their medications and allow those diagnosed with atrial fibrillation to monitor their heart rhythm trends. Source: Thinkstock.

5. Samsung Electronics Launches World's First 240Hz 4K Gaming Monitor Odyssey Neo G8 Globally

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June 6, 2022 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a global leader in the gaming monitor industry, announced the global availability of the 2022 Odyssey G85NB, G75NB and G40B gaming monitor lineup, further reinforcing the Odyssey's industry-leading position ...

6. Rochester's influence on space exploration theme of new exhibit at RMSC; sky watching exhibit also unveiled


Rochester's Eyes in Space tells the story of Rochester's influence on space exploration. The interactive exhibit engages visitors with formerly classified technologies pioneered in the Rochester region that allow one to view distant stars, ...

7. Apple introduces real-time security updates for iOS and macOS

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Security is a moving target, and Apple's latest security release aims to respond better to that: to keep iPhones and Macs up to date with new security fixes, it's launching Rapid Security Response, which will apply security updates to devices on the ...

8. Apple loosens some of its App Store Review Guidelines with latest update

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Typically, Apple updates its guidelines to either introduce new rules or clarify existing rules to developers by adding more details. But this week's changes instead remove a handful of rules around subsets of apps — including lottery apps, apps used for ...

9. Game studio HiDef partners with Snap to develop a Bitmoji dance social mobile game


Games have already captured the interest of 320 million Snapchatters and we are excited to team up with HiDef on this exciting new music and dance game. “There are over 1 billion Bitmoji avatars just waiting ...

10. In iOS 16, apps can trigger real-world actions hands-free

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Apple told developers today in a session hosted during the company's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) that these hands-free actions could also be triggered even if the iOS user isn't actively using the app at the time.

11. macOS will soon block unknown USB-C accessories by default

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Apple dropped details of the new security feature in its release notes, which appears to be aimed at protecting newer Apple laptops that run its bespoke M1 or M2 chips from potentially malicious accessories. According to Apple's ...

12. TikTok's new Bitmoji-like Avatars feature lets you record videos as an animated version of yourself


TikTok announced today that it's launching a new Avatars feature that is designed to help users showcase their individuality on the app. The launch makes TikTok the latest social media app to add an avatar feature, as it now joins the likes of Snapchat ...

13. Apple Keynote Surprises With New M2 Chip. Wall Street Wanted More.

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Here are some key takeaways from the event. New MacBooks, with a new chip: The primary Apple (ticker: AAPL) hardware announcement was the unveiling of new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops with ...

14. EU countries, lawmakers clinch deal on single mobile charging port, Apple impacted

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BRUSSELS :Apple will have to change the connector on its iPhones sold in Europe by 2024 as EU countries and EU lawmakers on Tuesday agreed to a single mobile charging port for mobile phones, tablets and cameras. The agreement is a world first and came ...

15. Here are the biggest changes coming to your iPhone in Apple's new update

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Apple announced the biggest iPhone software update of the year earlier this week. Apple's iOS 16 offers the biggest change to the look of the iPhone's lock screen since 2014 and includes improvements to apps like Messages, Mail, and Maps.

16. Apple M2 Chip Gives New MacBook Air 18% Speed Boost

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The processor has four fast CPU cores and four efficient cores, a hybrid approach drawn from the smartphone world. By redesigning the graphics processing units and increasing their count up to a maximum of 10 instead of eight for the M1, GPU performance is ...

17. Apple Announces iOS 16: It Could Disappoint Millions Of iPhone Users

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So, while many were expecting that iOS 16 wouldn't work with the oldest of those phones, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, both released in September 2015, there are three other iPhones that will no longer update to the latest software.

18. How to Install iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 Beta

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When Apple announced ?iOS 16? and iPadOS 16, it also made developer betas immediately available to test on iPhone and iPad. By nature, ?a beta is pre-release software, so installing the software on a secondary device is highly recommended.

19. AI Programme Creates Own Language, Researchers Baffled


An artificial intelligence (AI) program has learnt to use its own language that is baffling programmers. DALL-E2 is OpenAI's newest AI system is meant to develop realistic and artistic images from text entered by users. Its website states, “DALL-E2 can ...

20. Elon Musk threatens to end Twitter deal without information on fake accounts.

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The letter, which was delivered to Twitter and filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, escalated Mr. Musk's campaign to terminate the blockbuster acquisition. After striking a deal to buy Twitter in April, Mr. Musk, 50, has repeatedly suggested ...

21. How Updates in iOS 16 and Android 13 Will Change Your Phone

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That's because Apple and Google announce updates to the operating systems that power our iPhones and Android phones. Soon, the software that makes the devices tick will have design tweaks and new features — in other words, new things to learn.

22. The Summer Game Fest and Not-E3 2022 schedule

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A few major game publishers have already signaled that they won't hold an E3-style showcase during this time. Electronic Arts and Ubisoft have already ruled out doing their respective events, EA Play and Ubisoft Forward, in June. Nintendo, as Nintendo does ...

23. Capcom announces digital showcase for June 13


Capcom will host a livestream event on Monday, June 13, called the Capcom Showcase, where the company promises to offer new details on upcoming and announced games. The 35-minute showcase kicks off Monday at 3 p.m. PDT/6 p.m. EDT and will be streamed ...

24. EU agrees single mobile charging port in blow to Apple

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BRUSSELS, June 7 (Reuters) - Apple (AAPL.O) must change the connector on iPhones sold in Europe by 2024 after EU countries and lawmakers agreed on Tuesday to a single charging port for mobile phones, tablets and cameras in a world first.

25. macOS Ventura cheat sheet: Complete guide for 2022


More importantly, Federighi confirmed Apple's developers focused on improving core functions Mac users frequently rely upon in this new macOS release, shown in Figure A. The features are particularly poignant, as they leverage enhancements made possible ...

26. Apple's iOS 16 reimagines home screen; launches pay later

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Bringing all those notifications down to the lower half of the screen gives a lot more space to experiment with widgets and home screen image settings at the top. And no wonder Apple has made some interesting updates to its widget feature.

27. Meta users can track VR fitness stats on phone

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Users can track their Meta Quest fitness stats on phone through the Oculus mobile app or Apple Health. These apps will sync with the Move app, Meta Quest's built-in fitness tracker, to let users ...

28. WWDC 2022: Apple introduces new tools and APIs for developers

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These include widgets on the 'lock screen', WeatherKit, general availability Xcode Cloud — Apple's continuous integration and delivery service built into Xcode — and Metal 3 to enable gaming developers create graphics with accelerated performance.

29. USB-C will be mandatory for phones sold in the EU 'by autumn 2024'


European Union lawmakers have reached an agreement on legislation that will force all future smartphones sold in the EU — including Apple's iPhone — be equipped with the universal USB-C port for wired charging by fall 2024. The rule will also apply to ...

30. Apple's Screen Time gets a handy new feature, but parental controls can be better


Why is this exciting? Well, it's a small thing, but if you miss that Screen Time notification, which is currently the only alert you get, you have to dive into the Settings app to manually address the request.

31. Apple finally lets you see your Wi-Fi network's password in iOS 16

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MacRumors reports that the iOS 16 developer preview includes an option to view a Wi-Fi password and even copy it to share with friends or family. You need to authenticate with Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode to see a stored password, and then you get an ...

32. Apple's macOS Ventura leaves trusty 2015 MacBook Pro behind


A new version of macOS means a new collection of Macs can no longer run Apple's latest desktop operating system. Perhaps most notably, the new macOS Ventura update won't be available for the 2015 MacBook Pro. This laptop quickly became a fan-favorite ...

33. TikTok launches custom avatars to rival Snapchat's Bitmoji and Apple's Memoji


To use the feature on yourself, open the app, flip the camera to selfie mode, tap effects, and select the avatar effect. You can then either use a preset look or hit “new” to create a custom avatar. This lets you customize your avatar's face shape, skin ...

34. The big sportscar test: Lotus Emira vs Porsche Cayman vs Alpine A110


Why introduce an all-new pure-combustion car when there remain just seven summers until the new sale of these things is more-or-less banned? Still, that's their problem. Our job is just to enjoy it. Buy any one of these cars while you can.

35. 17 best Father's Day gifts for any dog dad


Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed's editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission. It is truly heartwarming to watch someone dote on their dogs. My partner treats our two pups like they're actual children, ...

36. iOS 16: These are the six most important updates for iPhones this fall

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Along with iPhone, Apple detailed key software updates for other products including iPads, Macs, and the Apple Watch. The tech giant also unveiled a new MacBook Air laptop, launching next month. The software ...