Technology News for Friday 12th November 2021

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Nov 12th 2021

1. PSA: Apple isn't actually patching all the security holes in older versions of macOS

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On the surface, this incident is a relatively unremarkable example of security updates working as they ought to. Vulnerability is discovered in the wild, vulnerability is reported to the company that is responsible for the software, and vulnerability is ...

2. Ford's Latest Mustang Special Edition Is A Dumb Stick-On Vent


Photo: Ford, Gif: Steve DaSilva. Ford announced a slew of special editions for the Mustang today. There's a Heritage Edition for the GT500, adding such exclusive benefits as “stripes” and “a different silver-blue color.” There's an even more expensive ...

3. Deleting My Ex's Animal Crossing Save Data


It'd been a year and five months since I last booted up Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I know this because one shocked villager recounted the days when I approached them with my disheveled hair. My home away from home was exactly the way I'd left it.

4. GTA Trilogy Pours Rain So Hard It's Nearly Unplayable


A recent graphics comparison showing the work developer Grove Street Games put into remastering the first three 3D Grand Theft Auto titles did look solid at first glance, and our impressions noted the noticeable graphical upgrades as well.

5. GTA Trilogy Pulled For PC, Rockstar Launcher Broken


Something has gone very, very wrong since yesterday's launch of GTA Trilogy on PC. As of last night, all mention of a PC version has been removed from Rockstar's own site, and the Rockstar Games Launcher app has gone completely offline.

6. GTA Trilogy's San Andreas Now Feels Depressing Without Its Signature Fog


When I was younger, I remember thinking the map in Rockstar's classic GTA San Andreas was massive. It sure felt that way, thanks in large part to the view-obscuring fog. Well, all that fog is gone in the newly released remastered trilogy collection, ...

7. PS5 Owners Don't Play Sony's First-Party Games


It's hard to believe, but a year ago to the date, Sony officially released the PlayStation 5 (well, in the States; globally it came out on November 19). Despite serious supply issues, an estimated 13 million players have been able to get their hands on ...

8. The 10 Best Cars In Forza Horizon 5


Forza Horizon 5 is a lot like your local used car dealership in that both dominate your TV screen for hours at night with the siren song of “500 cars!!!” So the question isn't if you're going to buy a new car. Rather, it's what you're going to buy.

9. What You Should Know About Genshin Impact's Huge Winter Update


This morning, the developers of Genshin Impact shared details about the forthcoming 2.3 update via livestream, including significant seasonal and permanent additions to the game, as well as wintry minigames. The limited characters Albedo and Eula will ...

10. Nintendo's Zelda Game & Watch is another worthwhile stocking stuffer for retro collectors


It does a fine job, and the three old-school Zelda games included are great options for Nintendo-hard adventure that actually fits in a pocket. Announced a couple months back, this $50 gadget ...

11. October 2021 NPD: Far Cry and Metroid rocket industry sales up 16%


You play as Dani Rojas, a guerilla fighter, in Far Cry 6. Image Credit: Ubisoft. Join gaming leaders online at GamesBeat Summit Next this ...

12. Seeing into our future with Nvidia's Earth-2


What we're experiencing is very different from the global average. We experience extreme weather — historic droughts, unprecedented heatwaves, intense hurricanes, violent storms, and catastrophic floods. Climate disasters are the new norm.

13. Xbox Series X restock: Tracking console availability at Walmart, Target, GameStop and more

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Later in the week an Xbox restock at GameStop was limited to the All Access program, meaning you have to also pay for a Game Pass Ultimate subscription for two years. It's been difficult to just buy an Xbox and nothing else this week, which may be a sign ...

14. '90s X-Men, Agatha Harkness, Spider-Man and Zombies: Marvel announces new Disney Plus shows


Marvel's magic Agatha Harkness spins off from WandaVision to cast a spell on her own Disney Plus show. Marvel. Remember the X-Men cartoon in the '90s? Marvel is bringing it back in a new series on Disney Plus, along with new TV shows featuring Agatha ...

15. Ford Mustang Coastal and Shelby GT500 limited editions keep it classy


The Coastal edition is just for EcoBoost-powered 'Stangs, while the GT500 Heritage Edition throws it back. sean-szymkowski-headshot. Sean Szymkowski Nov ...

16. Nintendo Switch OLED restock: Tracking updates from GameStop, Walmart, Best Buy and more

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It has been a little easier to get your hands on the new Nintendo Switch in recent weeks, but the company warns stock may be in short supply as we get closer to the holiday season. Shipping issues and chip manufacturing delays will make it difficult to ...

17. Microsoft is sending 50000 Microsoft Store gift cards to customers via email

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Microsoft appears to be in a very festive mood this holiday season. The tech giant is emailing 50,000 random US customers virtual gift cards to the Microsoft Store for the holiday season. Half of the selected customers will get a $100 virtual gift card ...

18. 5-minute Android customizations that will make your phone feel new again


Take some time to adjust and tweak settings to get the most out of your phone. Óscar Gutiérrez/CNET. It's time to get your Android phone's home screen in order. Organize your apps, declutter your storage and make those customizations you've been ...

19. Best AirPods for 2021

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Apple now has three sets of true wireless headphones competing in the $180 to $200 range, plus an older entry-level AirPods model that will be selling for as low as $89 this holiday season. Except for those baseline AirPods -- often referred to as ...

20. iPhone X with USB-C port sells for $86001 on eBay

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Swiss robotics student Ken Pilloner is the man behind a retrofitted iPhone X, which he auctioned off on eBay for $86,001 on Thursday, possibly indicating the high demand for this feature. Its charge and data transfer capabilities are both handled over USB- ...

21. How to create a custom Gmail profile picture with Google Illustration

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Here's how to make your Google profile picture stand out. Shelby Brown/CNET. Your Gmail profile picture probably doesn't get as much attention as your photo on Facebook. If you're looking for a change, Google has an idea that may appeal to you -- turn ...

22. 'Call Of Duty: Vanguard' Review: The Good, The Bad, And The Zombies


To me, Vanguard's multiplayer is the perfect blend of Modern Warfare 2019 (from Infinity Ward) and Black Ops Cold War (from Treyarch). It's the love-child of these two games but with a historical WWII theme. And it's absolutely fantastic—at least the ...

23. iOS 15.2 Beta: How to Use Find My to Locate Items That Can Track You

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If anything is detected, such as an AirTag or other Find My-enabled item, Apple will provide you with more details on the item and instructions on how to disable it so that it can no longer be used for tracking purposes.

24. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction release date and price announced


Two trailers have been dropped for the game with the new details of the game included in them. In the UK, the Standard Edition of the game will cost £33.99 while the Deluxe Edition ...

25. STAR WARS: Knights of the Old Republic


The game opens shortly after the Galactic Republic has barely finished a war against the Mandalorians and now finds itself being invaded by an armada led by the two Jedi-turned Sith who spearheaded the initial war effort.

26. Husband of 'Sweetheart Swindler' Sentenced to 85 Years for Bilking Older People


Prosecutors said that Desiree Boltos and her husband, Paul Hill, stole more than $3 million from seniors who believed they were in romantic relationships with her.

27. Early predictions for Nvidia and AMD's next-gen cards set up a titanic GPU battle

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Rumours about the potential next generation of GPUs—namely Nvidia's GeForce RTX 4090 and AMD's Radeon RX 7900 XT—have already begun to surface across the web. Among them, known Twitter leaker Greymon55 now airs their predictions where core count, ...

28. Warframe's biggest cinematic expansion ever is coming in December


The New War expansion, the biggest cinematic quest in Warframe's history, will add new playable characters, environments, and threats, as well as the game's 48th unique Warframe. New customization options, weapons, and ...

29. Battlefield 2042 servers mostly work, despite “persistence data” errors


That error tends to appear as you login for the first time, or attempt to matchmake into a game. Either way, it'll dump you straight back to the main menu. The devs say they're “seeing healthy recovery” on the issue, so if you had trouble logging in ...

30. 8 Genshin Impact Tips for the Frugal Adventurer


Primogem— the premium, in-game currency— makes Genshin Impact's world go 'round. You can use it to unlock new characters and weapons, or offset the domain dungeons' time restrictions to grind for materials in swifter fashion.

31. 5 Ways to Score a PS5 or Xbox Series X This Holiday Season


Need help buying a Playstation 5 or an Xbox Series X? We know, it sucks. Even though the consoles launched a year ago, they remain incredibly hard to buy, thanks to scalpers and online bots snatching up supplies from consumers, and a global supply ...

32. Warframe's big story quest, The New War, arrives in December


Before The New War itself arrives, Digital Extremes is running an event that brings back Prime Warframes. Prime Warframes are a better version of the titular Warframes — for instance, Ivara is a perfectly capable hunter, but Ivara Prime has higher shields, ...

33. Tesla's Musk sells 639737 more shares after Twitter poll

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Nov 12 (Reuters) - Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk disclosed a sale of additional 639,737 shares of the electric-car maker, regulatory filings showed on Friday, after offloading about $5 billion worth of stock following a poll of ...

34. Battlefield 2042: Release date, early access, trophies, new gameplay modes and more in Battlefield 2042

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The EA DICE game is set to be one of the biggest FPS launches this year alongside Call of Duty: Vanguard and marks the 17th instalment of the World War themed and historically inspired Battlefield franchise.

35. Instagram Reels now have text-to-speech and voice effects just like TikTok


Instagram has added text-to-speech and voice effects to its TikTok competitor Reels, two features TikTok has had for some time. The robotic voice-overs used as narration for videos grew so ubiquitous on TikTok in fact, that voice actor Bev Standing ...

36. Nintendo's new Game & Watch is the cutest way to play classic Zelda games

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It's not hard to play the original Legend of Zelda games. With each new hardware release, Nintendo trots out its 8-bit Hyrule adventures again, giving players a chance to relive (and rebuy) the games that started it all. If you're a Switch Online ...

37. Apple's latest beta fixes macro mode confusion for iPhone 13 Pro


Apple's latest iOS 15.2 beta is making the iPhone 13 Pro's macro mode simple by adding a button to let you turn it on and off (via 9to5Mac). The icon, which looks like a little flower, pops up whenever you're close enough to an object to take a macro ...

38. You probably can't afford this hideous Gucci Xbox

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Microsoft and the fashion brand Gucci have teamed up on a ridiculously expensive Gucci-themed Xbox Series X that will be released in limited quantities next week. It looks bad, in my opinion; the Gucci Xbox Series X has double G patterns plastered all ...

39. Immerse yourself in 'Shin Megami Tensei V'—here's where to order it right now


With new demons to collect and a beautiful post-apocalyptic Tokyo to explore, Shin Megami Tensei V promises to bring the brutal turn-based RPG gameplay the series is known for. You can order Shin Megami Tensei V today, Friday, November 12.

40. Switch OLED pushes Nintendo back to the top of console sales

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It's a heady ambition as the machine enters its fifth year on the market, but sales still aren't slowing down. Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser told The Washington Post that the company sold 711,000 Switch ...