Technology News for Thursday 11th November 2021

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Nov 11th 2021

1. Express your inner Legolas with these Lord of the Rings keycaps


Have you ever wanted to speak like the elf Legolas or the dwarf Gimli? With the latest keycaps from keyboard enthusiast shop and vendor Drop, communicating through The Lord of the Rings' Elvish or Dwarvish languages is just a mechanical key press away.

2. Windows 11 SE won't be sold separately, can't be reinstalled once removed


One reason Chromebooks have succeeded in education is because of Chrome OS, which is well-suited for lower-end hardware, easy for IT administrators to manage, and hard to break with errant apps or malware.

3. Activision apologizes for 'insensitive' depiction of Koran in latest Call of Duty game


The Koran pages appeared in a Call of Duty: Vanguard campaign that tasks players to shoot zombie soldiers of various nationalities in World War II Stalingrad, as well as France and Imperial Japan.

4. Nvidia RTX 4000 Series Could Arrive Mid-2022

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The graphics card industry is thwart with competition, with Nvidia and AMD already locking horns, and Intel about to step forward into the ring. As tech shortages continue to rage on, it doesn't stop the big conglomerates from putting out products, ...

5. How to Block Your Ex (or Other Annoying Users) on Spotify


Spotify is finally making it possible to block other users from seeing your activity. Previously, if you wanted to block someone from spying on you and your music habits, you had to contact customer service or report the user. Now, all you have to do ...

6. All The Features You Can Only Get With Animal Crossing's Happy Home Paradise DLC


Animal Crossing: New Horizons' new DLC, Happy Home Paradise, is a game-changer for villagers who love decorating. Not only does it add a lot more ways to flex your creativity, it also adds a ton of features to spruce up your main island home.

7. Bowser Is Scared Of Clowns, But Also Nipples

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The ever-wonderful fan account Supper Mario Broth, specialists in uncovering random pieces of Nintendo trivia you never knew you needed but now cannot live without, have outdone themselves today with the discovery that in Super Mario Odyssey, Bowser is ...

8. Fortnite Accidentally Gives Away Its Rarest Item, Takes It Back


Earlier today, a bunch of Fortnite players found themselves in possession of the Axe of Champions, one of the rarest items in the game, only to have it snatched away after a few minutes. Fortnite developer Epic Games says the whole thing was a big ...

9. Playdate Handheld Delayed To 2022 Over Battery Life Concerns


Playdate, the cute little handheld with a crank, won't be making its late 2021 debut, developer Panic Inc. told early buyers via email this morning. Advertisement. As the Playdate's first 5,000 units rolled off the assembly line, Panic found serious ...

10. SpaceX debuts new Dragon capsule in launch to the International Space Station


NASA astronauts Raja Chari, Tom Marshburn, Kayla Barron, and European Space Agency mission specialist Matthias Maurer rocketed off pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center on top of a 215-foot-tall (65-meter) Falcon 9 launcher at 9:03:31 p.m. EST Wednesday (0203:31 ...

11. Amazon Prime Video app introduces a new clip-sharing feature

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The clips can be shared on social media or via direct message. The feature is currently only available on iOS and for users in the U.S. For the initial rollout, users can only share clips from a limited number of shows, including season one of “The Boys,” ...

12. Now you can watch Twitch on your Nintendo Switch

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Since Twitch is best known for gaming livestreams, it makes sense that a lot of people who play Nintendo Switch are probably also Twitch viewers. You can't stream your games through the Twitch app (streaming set-ups are complex and bandwidth-intensive!), ...

13. Twitter no longer crops image previews on the web

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On Twitter for the web, images will now display in full without any cropping. Instead of gambling on how an image will show up in the timeline, images will look just like they did when you shot them.

14. Bloomberg Wealth: Tesla's Bad Week Is Testing Investors


Tesla's retail traders have been on a wild ride this fall. October was one for the record books. Tesla's stock surged 43% that month, giving the company a $1.2 trillion market capitalization. For reference, that is bigger than the value of the S&P ...

15. Apple-1 computer built by Jobs, Wozniak sells for $500000 at auction

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This Apple-1 computer built by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak sold for $500,000 at auction. MediaNews Group/Inland Valley Daily Bulletin via Getty Images / Contributor. One of the first 200 computers ever built by Apple sold at auction this week.

16. Best Black Friday Apple iPad deals so far: Save $100 on an iPad Pro

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Amazon isn't waiting until the turkey leftovers are going cold to start rolling out Black Friday pricing on iPads. You won't find discounts on the new entry-level iPad or the redesigned iPad Mini right now, but the latest 11- and 12.9-inch iPad Pros ...

17. Hurry, you only have 10 days to roll back to Windows 10 from Windows 11


Microsoft's latest OS, Windows 11, started its gradual rollout to compatible devices last month. (Note that it won't be available to everyone until 2022, but there is a way to skip the wait.) The OS has some new handy features and upgrades compared to ...

18. Still want a Steam Deck? All the questions and answers we have


There's still a lot to know about the Steam Deck. Valve. Don't expect Valve's Steam Deck to be released before the holidays. Although the upcoming portable PC gaming device was set to ship in December, it has since been delayed two months due to global ...

19. PS5s may become even harder to find


Tracking down a PlayStation 5 has been challenging since Sony's next-gen console launched a year ago, but it might get even tougher in the coming months. The Japanese company reduced its PS5 production outlook due to supply constraints, according to ...

20. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic on Nintendo Switch sucked me right back in

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Unshackled from those events, it was free to tell an epic tale of a galaxy ruined by the forces of Darth Malak, his seemingly slain master Darth Revan and a Jedi Order driven close to extinction.

21. Xbox Series X restock: GameStop will have consoles later today, but only through All Access

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The only thing that could likely delay restocks this week would be an announcement from any one retailer regarding Black Friday. As more and more retailers release Black Friday plans, it's likely we will see some offer the option to buy a console in-store ...

22. 11 AirPods Pro tips and tricks to get the most out of your wireless earbuds


The AirPods Pro boast several unique features that may make them a preferable choice, including active noise cancellation for an improved listening experience and interchangeable silicone tips to get a more comfortable fit. And with Black ...

23. Best AirPods deals before Black Friday: $89 AirPods at Walmart now, AirPods Pro drop back to $190

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The AirPods 3 were released in October (alongside new MacBook Pros). The new $200 true-wireless headphones include a case that's compatible with MagSafe and wireless charging, and they offer better sound quality than the older AirPods 2 (see above).

24. Elon Musk just sold 1 million Tesla shares to cover $1 billion in taxes

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But exercising those shares will result in a $1 billion federal tax bill, under the top federal income tax rate of 37%, with another 3.8% net investment tax on top of that. He also will face an unknown amount of state income taxes in California, even ...

25. 'Elden Ring' Network Test Beta Play-Time Schedule And What To Expect


The game is getting a beta of sorts. It's actually called a Closed Network Test and is designed to do just that: Test Elden Ring's online functionality in a closed environment, though one with significantly more players than FromSoftware and Bandai Namco ...

26. How America's Richest People Can Access Billions Without Selling Their Stock

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Many of the country's richest people, including Elon Musk and Larry Ellison, borrow against their stock and avoid capital gains taxes. O n Saturday, Elon Musk promised to sell 10% of his Tesla stake after 58% of people voted in a Twitter poll shared by ...

27. Elon Musk Sold $5 Billion In Tesla Stock This Week As Shares Plunged Following Twitter Poll

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the world's richest person, sold a massive chunk of stock this week, in part to help pay taxes on options he received nearly a decade ago, new regulatory filings showed Wednesday—just days after the eccentric billionaire suggested ...

28. iOS 15.2 Beta: How to Use the Hide My Email Feature in the Mail App


With iOS 15 and the Hide My Email feature exclusive to iCloud+ subscribers, you can create unique, random email addresses that forward to your personal inbox whenever you want to keep your personal email address private. In iOS 15.2, which is in beta ...

29. How $6 billion from Elon Musk could feed millions on the brink of famine

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The Twitter showdown between Elon Musk and the head of the World Food Programme has made headlines around the world. In October, David Beasley, head of the U.N. food agency, tweeted a cheeky congratulations to Musk for reportedly earning $36 billion in ...

30. 15 years after Oblivion, Skyrim Anniversary Edition throws in free horse armor


Oblivion's premium horse armor paved the way for microtransactions back in 2006. Today, it's free for Skyrim. Comments. Skyrim horse armor. (Image credit: Bethesda). Skyrim Anniversary Edition has arrived, with a few freebies for people who own Skyrim ...

31. Activision apologises as Call of Duty: Vanguard removes bloodstained Quran pages


Call of Duty: Vanguard has not impressed so far, and has now stumbled into a controversy over a thoughtless use of the Quran. The holy text of Islam, the Quran is considered by many Muslims to be the literal word of god and, as such, disrespecting it ...

32. The next SteamWorld game is 3D, co-op, and called Headhunter


Called SteamWorld Headhunter, it's apparently "a stylised and colourful, third-person co-op action adventure with a head-popping twist." The head-popping seems to be literal, according to the teaser trailer, which shows a wild west shootout between two ...

33. Battlefield 2042 review in progress – a new conquest


Climate crisis aside, warfare doesn't appear to have changed all that much. Battlefield's classic Conquest and Breakthrough modes return, scaled up with even larger maps and clustered capture zones rather than flags dotted around the map, all to ...

34. Battlefield 2042 reviews – our roundup of the critics' takes so far


In our own in-progress Battlefield 2042 review, Christian Vaz notes that, “this is still a giant playground packed with catalysts and gadgets that are ready and waiting to be worked into a player-made set piece”.

35. Rainbow Six Extraction comes with free co-op passes, and unlocks 18 Siege operators


After previously announcing a vague January window for the Rainbow Six Extraction release date, Ubisoft has now confirmed the final launch details. The Rainbow Six Extraction devs are sweetening the pot with a lower price, a bunch of bonus content at ...

36. Tesla shares rise after Musk's $5 bln stock sale

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Nov 11 (Reuters) - Tesla (TSLA.O) shares rose in U.S. premarket trading on Thursday, even after overnight filings showed chief executive and top holder Elon Musk had sold about $5 billion of the stock over recent days. The electric-car maker's shares ...

37. Explainer: Five legal questions raised by Elon Musk's unorthodox share sales

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WASHINGTON, Nov 11 (Reuters) - It's been another wild ride for Tesla (TSLA.O) investors after billionaire chief executive Elon Musk pledged via Twitter to sell 10% of his shares in the company. While the unorthodox way he went about it has raised ...

38. Rare Apple-1 computer made by Jobs and Wozniak sells for $500000


An original Apple-1 computer, assembled by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, sits on display at Chaffey College in Rancho Cucamonga on Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2021. The computer fetched $500,000 at auction on Tuesday, Nov. 9, 2021. (Photo by Will Lester, ...

39. iCloud for Windows gets a built in password generator


A new update for Apple's iCloud Windows app has added a password generator, as well as support for Apple's ProRaw and ProRes photo and video formats to the cloud storage utility. The update, which was first spotted by MacRumors, also adds the ability ...

40. Microsoft's Windows store is finally becoming more Steam-like for games

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Microsoft will finally allow Windows users to install PC games from the Microsoft Store or Xbox Game Pass for PC to any folder of their choice with unrestricted access. The move will allow PC gamers to access the folders of games and mod them freely, ...