Technology News for Wednesday 10th November 2021

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Nov 10th 2021

1. Microsoft Reveals Massive 'Forza Horizon 5' Launch Numbers

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If a million players in early access wasn't enough to clue you in that the launch of Forza Horizon 5 was going to be huge, we have already gotten some day one numbers from Phil Spencer himself, with the Xbox head singing the praises of just how ...

2. 2021 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 stolen from midstate dealership


The car was stolen from Russell Barnett Ford located at 4055 Tullahoma Highway in Winchester. The Mustang is orange in color and valued at about $77,590, according to the dealership. A $10,000 reward ...

3. Animal Crossing's Ugliest Gyroid Is Getting The Most Love From Fans


Among the scores of wonderful things added to Animal Crossing: New Horizons in its most recent update, the most personally exciting has got to be the return of the Gyroids. These noise-making gizmos quickly proliferated through players' homes and ...

4. Fortnite Accidentally Gives Away Its Rarest Item, Takes It Back


Earlier today, a bunch of Fortnite players found themselves in possession of the Axe of Champions, one of the rarest items in the game, only to have it snatched away after a few minutes. Fortnite developer Epic Games says the whole thing was a big ...

5. Steam Deck Delayed, Valve Apologizes


Valve has delayed the release of its Steam Deck handheld by several months, it announced in a statement today. The anticipated handheld will now start rolling out in February 2022, pushed back from an initial December release. Advertisement.

6. Wooden Apple-1 computer hand-built in 1976 draws $400K at auction


The machinery — specifically, the motherboard — is encased in wood carved from the Hawaiian koa tree, and represents just one of only 200 that were made. The full kit also features a built-in keyboard ...

7. Elden Ring closed network test boss locations guide


The Elden Ring closed network test will give select players five separate three-hour windows in which to play their build. As part of an advanced preview, Stevivor was lucky enough to have a full weekend's worth of time exploring the same very large ...

8. Google wins appeal against UK class action-style suit seeking damages for Safari tracking

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However today's unanimous Supreme Court judgment essentially reverts to the High Court's view: Blocking the representative action. The Supreme Court justices took the view that damage/loss must be suffered to claim compensation and that ...

9. Instagram tests 'Take a Break' reminders on an opt-in basis


Instagram head Adam Mosseri announced today the comapny has begun testing a new feature this week called “Take a Break” which will allow users to remind themselves to take a break from using the app after either 10, 20 or 30 minutes, depending on their ...

10. YouTube is removing the dislike count on all videos across its platform


But YouTube believes the change will better protect its creators from harassment and reduce the threat of what it calls “dislike attacks” — essentially, when a group teams up to drive up the number of dislikes a video receives.

11. MiHoYo lets creators make and sell Genshin Impact content


Genshin Impact is the top iOS game of 2020. Image Credit: MiHoYo. Join gaming leaders online at GamesBeat Summit Next this upcoming November 9-10 ...

12. Apple makes a new play for small businesses, taking on Google and Microsoft

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Apple announced Wednesday that it's launching a business tools service targeted for small businesses with up to 500 employees. It comes as companies throughout the U.S. look for new ways to manage employees and technology in a remote world.

13. You can skip songs and answer calls with the AirPods 3 force sensor

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AirPods 3 give you another way to control audio playback. Apple/CNET. Apple unveiled the AirPods 3 at its October launch event (here's how to buy the new AirPods and CNET's review of the AirPods 3). The latest wireless earbuds sport a new design, ...

14. Google off the hook as UK Supreme Court blocks iPhone tracking class action

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Google will be breathing a sigh of relief over the UK's ruling on Wednesday. Aytac Unal/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images. Google scored a win in the UK on Wednesday as the country's Supreme Court blocked a class action lawsuit against the company, ...

15. Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl add a way to get older legendary Pokemon

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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl launch for Nintendo Switch next week. While the remakes stick very closely to the original Diamond and Pearl games in terms of content, they also introduce a brand-new facility where you can catch older legendary ...

16. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl: How to get Mew and Jirachi


To get them, you'll need to have save data for Pokemon Sword/Shield and Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu/Eevee on your Switch. Here's how to claim the free mythical Pokemon.

17. Alleged OnePlus 10 Pro renders reveal huge rear-camera bump

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The next OnePlus flagship phone? OnLeaks. For its next flagship phone, OnePlus appears to be taking a tip from Samsung. Prominent leaker OnLeaks teamed up with Zouton to deliver purported renders of the as-yet-unannounced OnePlus 10 Pro.

18. Apple Watch's cycling detection makes your next bike ride count. How it works

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These include automatic cycling detection, fall detection and better calorie tracking when you're riding an electric bike. You don't need the latest Series 7 to take advantage of most of the new cycling features on the Apple Watch -- they're available when ...

19. Best AirPods deals before Black Friday: $89 AirPods at Walmart now, AirPods Pro drop back to $190

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The AirPods 3 were released in October (alongside new MacBook Pros). The new $200 true-wireless headphones include a case that's compatible with MagSafe and wireless charging, and they offer better sound quality than the older AirPods 2 (see above).

20. Pixel 6 Pro vs. iPhone 13 Pro vs. Samsung S21 Ultra: Zoom shootout

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That last camera is particularly important. Following the widespread adoption of Portrait mode and Night mode, zoom is becoming the big phone camera feature for many companies. That's particularly true of Samsung, which marketed its last two Galaxy S ...

21. Earfun Air review: Better sound than the basic AirPods — and they're cheaper


But not everyone wants to spend a few hundred dollars to listen to their favorite music or watch movies on their favorite device. That's where budget options come in and after testing several, we found one pair that stands far above the rest: The $69.99 ...

22. Ferrari 812 Competizione 2021 review – a front-engined V12 crescendo


The most powerful purely petrol-powered road car engine Ferrari has ever made; a naturally aspirated V12, revving to 9,500rpm, that produces 819bhp. Yes, the numbers alone are enough to be wowed by Ferrari's new 812 Competizione, the latest special ...

23. Will Nvidia Be Worth More Than Apple by 2026?

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Nvidia's dominant position in graphics cards and prospects in emerging tech trends could help it record faster earnings growth than Apple. Apple is sitting on a nice opportunity in 5G smartphones but faces challenges from Chinese suppliers.

24. Is 'Call Of Duty: Vanguard' Doing Great Or Terribly?


First of all, there's what we don't know, and that's any sales numbers from Activision Blizzard itself. You may remember that it used to be tradition to have Activision bragging about massive day one or ...

25. Apple working on a software update to enable Face ID after third party iPhone 13 screen repairs

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Like I've said in my previous comment on somebody else here, Apple could simply sell genuine replacement parts for each iPhone models that they are still selling, and then provide a software tool for calibration of new parts on the phone, just like what ...

26. Pixel 6/6 Pro's fingerprint reader stops working if the battery hits 0%

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Can Google stop making phones and LG just come back? Rating0 |; Reply; Report ? Anonymous; Iwj; 10 minutes ago. Anonymous, 17 minutes agoSecurity updates are finer. Major updates that cripples Android down to IOS levels are not. ... moreDon't forget ...

27. Pixel 6/6 Pro's fingerprint reader stops working if the battery hits 0%


This means that this is a software bug and should be fixable in a future firmware update. For now it is best to avoid fully discharging the battery, otherwise you will have to back up your data, wipe the phone and restore it. At least the first time.

28. Apple's New 'Business Essentials' Program Solves 1 of the Biggest Technology Challenges Small Businesses Face


The service offers device management, data storage, and support, in one monthly subscription for small businesses.

29. Vodacom to Invest Around $877 Mln in Joint Venture with Community Investment Ventures


By Ian Walker. Vodacom Group Ltd. said on Wednesday that it is buying a controlling interest in some assets owned by Community Investment Ventures Holdings (Pty) Ltd., giving it a 30% interest in a new jointly owned company.

30. Introducing Ramanas Park in the Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl games


Some of these Legendary Pokémon can only be encountered in one game version or the other, but players can still try to get them on their team through other means, such as by trading[1] with other players. In Pokémon Brilliant Diamond, it's possible to ...

31. Feature: Our Verdict On Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Update 2.0, The "Last Major Free Content"

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After playing the Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 update for the last week, our resident representative extraordinaire Kate Gray delivers the Nintendo Life verdict on what Nintendo has stated is the final "major" free update for many a Switch owner's ...

32. Google loses appeal of $2.8 billion fine in EU antitrust case.

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In a major ruling that bolsters the European Union's efforts to clamp down on the world's largest technology companies, Google lost an appeal on Wednesday to overturn a landmark antitrust ruling by European regulators against the internet giant.

33. Elden Ring hands-on: 6 things I liked, and 4 things I didn't


Elden Ring nails its combat and RPG systems, but its small, straightforward dungeons are an early disappointment. Comments. Elden Ring Network Test. Jump to: The Good; The Bad. For three years Elden Ring was a fantasy Dark Souls fans kept alive with ...

34. Forza Horizon 5 players are buying up one crappy jeep by the hundreds to farm money


When you look at the potential payout, it's hard to resist stocking up on cut-price Willys: the Jeep costs a measly 40,000 credits, and a single Super Wheelspin is guaranteed to make your money back and more, whether through direct cash prizes or valuable ...

35. Apex Legends gets new streetwear skins in Market event


This time around, you've got the choice of Ringside Wraith, Night Crawler Mirage, Sundown Desperado Bloodhound, and Mic Check Lifeline. Each skin is available until November 23 for 1,800 Apex Coins each. Respawn is also offering some limited-time bundles ...

36. Battlefield 2042 release time confirmed

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Battlefield 2042 launches either this week or next depending on which version you're going for, and between early access, EA Play trials, and the full regular launch, it's a fairly confusing mess. EA has provided the final launch details today, ...

37. Naruto finally comes to Fortnite on Tuesday, according to the latest leak


The Fortnite-meets-Naruto crossover will land on Tuesday, November 16 at 6am PST / 9am EST / 2pm GMT, with both the Naruto cosmetics and a new Hidden Leaf Village creative hub, according to venerable Fortnite leaker HypeX.

38. New World gets a PTR to test a new weapon and missions

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Amazon Games is releasing a Public Test Realm for New World, giving you the chance to try out new updates and patches before the devs push them live. The developer explains on its blog that the first PTR will be live today (November 10) at 12pm PST ...

39. Meet Legendary Pokémon in Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl's new Ramanas Park


In Brilliant Diamond, these slates will be key to summoning Raikou, Entei, Suicune, and Ho-Oh. Players of Shining Pearl can encounter Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Lugia. Players can acquire Legendary Pokémon not native to their game version by other ...

40. Elden Ring brings open-world ambition to Dark Souls' winning formula


Elden Ring, the new game from Dark Souls and Bloodborne developer FromSoftware, feels like reconnecting with an old friend. Playing through a few hours of the game's upcoming network test — a beta version of the game that offers a walled-off slice of ...

41. Today's best Black Friday deals and where to get your hands on them


Black Friday 2021 officially takes place on 26th November, but that hasn't stopped UK retailers throwing out early deals like they're going out of business. Here are the best 10 Black Friday offers we think are genuinely good.

42. VIEW Google loses court fight against $2.8-bln EU antitrust decision

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Today's judgment provides the Commission with a firm basis to now enforce its June 2017 Prohibition Decision—not just for the beleaguered comparison shopping market directly addressed by the Decision, but also for the travel, local, jobs and other vertical ...

43. Vodacom to buy 55% stake in Vodafone Egypt for $2.74 bln


Separately, Vodacom said it would buy a co-controlling 30% stake in assets owned by Community Investment Ventures Holdings including Vumatel and Dark Fibre Africa. Reporting by Aby Jose Koilparambil in Bengaluru; Editing ...

44. Best Amazon Black Friday 2021 deals: Top early offers on Nintendo Switch, Kindle and more

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It may be a while until Black Friday, which falls on November 26, but Amazon has already started releasing early deals on hundreds of products. That's not surprising – the online shopping giant has built a reputation ...

45. Samsung reveals buzzword-compliant DRAM ready for 5G, AI, edge, and metaverses

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Samsung has revealed a new variety of DRAM, and probably won buzzword bingo for the year 2021 too. The Korean giant has declared its new LPDDR5X DRAM is suitable for 5G, AI, edge computing, AI on the network edge, the metaverse, “and even automobiles.”.

46. Google loses key appeal against €2.4 billion EU shopping antitrust case

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The EU's second-most senior court, the General Court, has upheld a 2017 ruling by the European Commission which found that Google broke antitrust law in how it used its search engine to promote its shopping comparison service and demote those of its ...

47. Grand Theft Auto remaster gameplay footage leaks online


Although Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition is just one day away from release, Rockstar hasn't shared any substantial gameplay footage from the remastered games. A trailer released last month focused almost ...

48. Latest iOS beta lets you manually scan for sneaky AirTags


Hit the link, and the app will report if there are any devices nearby that aren't owned by you and which have Apple's tracking technology enabled. The app can then give instructions on how to disable the device.

49. Apple will soon let you pass on your iCloud data when you die

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Apple is solving a complicated problem with its latest iOS update: right of survivorship. Until now, when a loved one or family member dies, there was no easy way to access their iCloud account and absolutely no way of unlocking their phone without ...

50. Facebook pushes its workplace software with new Microsoft Teams integration

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In its latest push to lure more business customers to its services, Facebook is integrating its enterprise product that offers video and collaboration tools with Microsoft's business software. The integration between Workplace from Facebook, ...