Technology News for Friday 22nd October 2021

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Oct 22nd 2021

1. Spacefarer Ariana Grande outfit now available in Fortnite


Fortnite's collaboration with pop star Ariana Grande continues with yet another outfit inspired by her being added to the game today. Available in the Fortnite store today is Spacefarer Ariana Grande, a distinctly different skin to the Ariana Grande ...

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Review: The Best Android Smartwatch?

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Samsung was previously on its own, selling Galaxy Watches running its in-house TizenOS. Google on the other hand, has been trying to help manufacturers take on the Apple Watch with its Wear OS. Now, the two efforts have been combined. So does the Galaxy ...

3. Epic Games Faces Staff Uproar Over Ending Popular Time-Off Policy


Epic Games, creator of the massively popular and lucrative battle royale Fortnite, decided to end a popular policy of allowing staff every other Friday off earlier this week. According to a new report by Bloomberg, which a source corroborated for ...

4. Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy Priced, Dated And Rated


After Kotaku was the first to tell you Rockstar were remastering the first three 3D Grand Theft Auto games, all manner of leaks and rumors have flown around, until the developer finally officially confirmed their existence two weeks ago.

5. NetEase Games Acquires Goichi Suda's Grasshopper Manufacture


Founded in 1998 by Goichi Suda, Grasshopper Manufacture is best known for games like Killer 7, Lollipop Chainsaw, and No More Heroes. Today, the studio announced it is being acquired by Chinese conglomerate NetEase Games. Advertisement.

6. Nintendo Delays Advance Wars Switch Remakes Until 2022

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The hottest Nintendo Switch game of the season is the latest to get hit with a delay. Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp won't be out until spring 2022, Nintendo revealed this morning, completely upending my holiday plans in the process. Advertisement.

7. Overwatch's McCree Is Now Cole Cassidy


Overwatch's McCree will now be known as Cole Cassidy, the developers announced today, further distancing the character from former designer Jesse McCree, one of the men who took part in the controversial, recently exposed “Cosby Suite” meet-ups.

8. Remastered GTA San Andreas Is Coming To Xbox Game Pass


Alongside news that Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy—a remastered bundle of the first three 3D GTA games—drops on November 11, Rockstar stealthily revealed that GTA: San Andreas will also hit Xbox Game Pass the same day. Oh, and GTA III is making its way ...

9. Ubisoft Brings Back Might and Magic Game They Shut Down In June


In May, Ubisoft took down some DRM servers that accidentally broke Might & Magic X - Legacy, to the point where the game had to be removed from shopfronts. A few months later, and probably after some folks had long assumed the game was simply dead, ...

10. You're Probably Not Actually Stuck In Metroid Dread

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Maybe you've been playing Metroid Dread since it hit Nintendo Switch on October 8, but put it down out of frustration from being stuck in the dang game. Or is that just me? Good news: you're not actually stuck. It's just easy to not realize what blocks ...

11. iPod turns 20: How Apple's music player changed the world, then faded out


Analysts say the device likely doesn't have a future. At the time, MP3 players couldn't hold many songs, and while devices with hard drives could hold hundreds ...

12. Surface Duo 2 camera testing: See how Microsoft's new foldable phone takes photos

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Here's a photo taken with the telephoto lens. You can clearly see the text on the bar sign, but the green color in the banner is a little washed-out compared to the same photo taken on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and iPhone 13 Pro.

13. Grand Theft Auto Trilogy trailer reveals Nov. 11 release date


As remasters of Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City and San Andreas -- which first appeared on the PlayStation 2 -- these seminal open-world games from the early 2000s will have improved visuals and revised control schemes that put it closer to par with modern ...

14. All the iPhone 13 colors and how to decide which to buy


It's a classic color for a reason, it looks great with just about any accessory and if you use it without a case it's less likely you'll see scratches on black glass. The same can not be said of the metal band around the outside of the phone, which in the ...

15. Buying a new Apple Watch Series 7? Here's how to set it up

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The Apple Watch Series 7 has a larger screen and faster charging. Lisa Eadicicco/CNET. The Apple Watch was designed to work in tandem with your iPhone, and that holds true for the setup process too. Getting your Apple Watch up and running is as simple ...

16. Inside the Google Pixel 6 cameras' bigger AI brains and upgraded hardware

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Among the capabilities: erasing photobombers from backgrounds, taking the blur out of smudged faces and handling darker skin tones more accurately. Those features, however, are just the tip of an artificial intelligence iceberg designed to produce the best ...

17. Pixel 6 is a major upgrade: A first look at Google's new Tensor-powered phone

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Find the best phones, apps and accessories with our CNET Mobile newsletter. Delivered Tuesdays and Thursdays. Thematically, Google has aimed to make the Pixel 6 work well for more people.

18. Pixel Pass: How Google's new Pixel 6 bundle adds up and if it could save you money

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The subscription spreads out the cost of the Pixel 6 or the Pixel 6 Pro over two years while also covering device protection, a 200GB Google One subscription with automatic photo backup, YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium and Google Play Pass.

19. Inscryption review: a wonderful nightmare, and a vividly memorable game of cards


Bloody hell. Review by Robert Purchese, Senior Staff Writer. 22 October 2021. A bold, stand-out, knockout of a card ...

20. PlayStation State of Play Broadcast Coming Next Week


Sony has announced a State of Play broadcast for Wednesday, October 27. The show will be around 20 minutes long, and will focus on "upcoming third-party releases headed to PS5 and PS4". The showcase will begin at 2pm Pacific / 5pm Eastern / 10pm UK ...

21. How to Run Android Apps in Windows 11

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US users will need to make sure the Windows 11 Build Series update is installed. Only then will the Amazon Appstore be available to download and install. Install Windows Subsystem for Android.

22. Copy and Paste Info From a Photo: How to Use Apple's Live Text in iOS 15


Live Text also works with live images in the real world. Aim your iPhone or iPad camera at a sign, document, or any other physical image with text, and the feature kicks in. It even works on websites with images that contain text.

23. New Playstation State of Play airing next week


Rockstar Games also just announced that Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy, a remaster of GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas, will launch Nov. 11, with Grand Theft Auto 3 — The Definitive Edition available as a stand-alone title on PlayStation Now on Dec. 7.

24. Best mobile phone deals in the Black Friday 2021 UK sales so far including iPhone and Samsung offers

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Are you team iPhone or Android? How much storage do you need? What contract length should you go for? And, while Black Friday is an excellent time to take advantage of discounted tariffs and handsets, the melee of deals fighting for your attention can make ...

25. Apple's new M1 Max MacBook Pro is getting a virtual turbo button for High Power Mode

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MacRumors contributor Steve Moser discovered a new “High Power Mode” in the operating system's recent beta release that can “optimize performance to better support resource intensive tasks,” and apparently, spin up the fan to compensate for that. Apple ...

26. Micro Center leaks specs and pricing for Intel's new Alder Lake Core i9 CPU

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The spec sheet reveals this chip will have a 3.2GHz operating frequency, capable of 5.2GHz in Turbo Mode, with 16 cores and 30MB of L3 cache. As expected, the specs reveal it also supports DDR5 memory, PCIe Gen 5, and the Intel Z690 chipset motherboards ...

27. Satechi's USB-C hub can hold an SSD if you have more money than ports


As a hub, it's pretty standard and unobjectionable: it has 100W USB-C PD passthrough (that will supply your computer with around 85W after it takes the energy it needs to operate), two USB-A 3.0 ports, and an HDMI port capable of driving a 4K screen at ...

28. Google Meet hosts will be able to keep participant mics and cameras off

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The feature could be a useful way for hosts to keep noisy or rowdy attendees from continually interrupting meetings even after they have already been muted. The microphone and camera lock feature will be off by default; ...

29. Now hear this: How AirPods became Apple's hottest product

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Almost immediately after Apple unveiled its new AirPods product in 2016, the memes began. There were photoshopped pictures of electric toothbrushes dangling from ears and jokes about the wireless earbuds resembling miniature hair dryers, ...