Technology News for Saturday 16th October 2021

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Oct 16th 2021

1. Pokémon Go: All What Lies Beneath the Mask Special Research Tasks and Rewards


This first page isn't too hard, just a little time-consuming. Ghost-type Pokémon are, naturally, absolutely everywhere during both parts of Pokémon GO's Halloween event. Gastly, Misdreavus, Shuppet ...

2. A Year Later, Here's A Bit More Of That Suicide Squad Game By Rocksteady


Today during DC's annoyingly long Fandome event, the company revealed new trailers and teasers for a host of upcoming comic book-related projects, including a new in-engine trailer for Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League featuring our first look at ...

3. Analogue aspires to build the definitive OS for retro gaming


Images of the Analogue Pocket with games and UI on it. Image Credits: Analogue. Analogue's much-anticipated Pocket retro gaming machine will come with more than just sleek ...

4. This Week in Apps: Apple appeals Epic Games suit, Google files a counterclaim and Twitter adds more ads

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Consumers last year also spent 3.5 trillion minutes using apps on Android devices alone. And in the U.S., app usage surged ahead of the time spent watching live TV. Currently, the average American watches 3.7 hours of live TV per day, but now spends four ...

5. Apple poised to finish transforming its MacBook lineup on Monday

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Recent computers that run on the company's powerful M1 processor have “fueled” Mac growth, Apple CEO Tim Cook said in June. In the most recent three quarters ending in June 2021, Apple sold $26 billion in Macs, up nearly 33% from the $19.59 billion it sold ...

6. I switched to the iPhone 13 Mini. Here are 3 things I loved -- and 3 I hated

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The major difference between both phones -- aside from size -- is battery life. The standard-sized iPhone 13 should last for an extra 2 hours compared to the iPhone 13 Mini when playing video, according to Apple.

7. Windows 11: Wondering if you really need to upgrade? Here's what to consider

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That means Microsoft will no longer provide security patches or feature updates for the Home, Pro, Enterprise, Pro Education and Pro for Workstations editions at this time -- affecting virtually all Windows 10 users. (The only people who have until 2029 ...

8. Forget iPhone 13—Apple's iPhone 14 Nightmare Just Got Worse

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Apple's iPhone 13s may be flying from the shelves, but the world's leading technology company is now caught in a nightmare, one that threatens to trash its polished marketing as 13 becomes 14 over the next year. Apple has built iPhone's reputation on ...

9. Instagram Struggles With Fears of Losing Its 'Pipeline': Young Users


But even as Mr. Zuckerberg praised Instagram, the app was privately lamenting the loss of teenage users to other social media platforms as an “existential threat,” according to a 2018 marketing presentation. By ...

10. Posing too hard crashes Apex Legends, but a fix is coming


Apparently, players are experiencing crashes based on using animated epic poses, although Respawn is working on a fix for next week – and have posted a big “bug notice” in-game. Like many ...

11. New World server transfers are delayed yet again

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Stop us if you've heard this one: the long-awaited New World server transfer feature has been delayed to next week. Last week we reported that the promised free New World server transfers would be coming this week, but now that's come and gone Amazon ...

12. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League got a new trailer at DC FanDome


That team of lovable misfits is tasked with taking down the Justice League, who have been brainwashed by the supervillain Brainiac. Logically, that game is called Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, and Rocksteady revealed more about the open-world ...

13. Review: Apple Watch Series 7

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The world's largest seller of watches, Apple, is back with a refresh of its timepiece. The changes to the latest version aren't huge, but the device remains among the leaders in the smartwatch market. DESIGN. In the design department, the Apple Watch ...

14. Analogue's Pocket will have an extremely fancy OS to save games to and from cartridges


There's still no firm release date for the delayed Analogue Pocket (outside of the broader “December 2021” window that the company last provided in September), but Analogue is looking to whet players' appetites with the next best thing: a deep look at ...

15. Dbrand pulls its PS5 Darkplates from sale after Sony threatens legal action


Earlier this year, Dbrand started selling matte black PS5 side plates that it called Darkplates, and when it did, it baited Sony right on the product's info page to “Go ahead, sue us.” We got our hands on some, and they look exactly like you expect, ...