Technology News for Friday 14th June 2024

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Jun 14th 2024

1. How a tiny device could lead to big physics discoveries and better lasers


Date: May 28, 2024; Source: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; Summary: Researchers have fabricated a device no wider than a human hair that will help physicists investigate the fundamental nature of matter and light. Their findings could also support ...

2. Too Many Emails? This New Gmail AI Feature Can Help


Google's Gemini 1.5 Pro updates with Gmail features are currently available to Gemini Advanced subscribers. Google/Screenshot by CNET. If you're striving ...

3. Challenges in pig-to-human kidney xenotransplantation – Authors' reply


To consistently breed pigs with a substantial number of genetic edits is currently challenging. Second, many patients awaiting transplantation have a low concentration of preformed antibodies to Gal-KO pigs. Therefore, additional genetic modifications ...

4. Why publishers fear Google AI search will kill their websites

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Google's development of AI summaries, rather than website links to search queries is the main front in the battle, as the US behemoth handles about 94 per cent of all Australian web searches. But other tech giants ...

5. Ericsson transforms fan experience at European Mega Event with cutting-edge 5G technology


As the European Mega Event kicks off, Ericsson is at the forefront of revolutionizing the fan experience through its advanced 5G technology. From bustling fan zones in Berlin to packed stadiums across Germany, Ericsson's innovations are ensuring fans ...

6. How the makers of a beloved board game reworked it to address the climate crisis


Jasmin Balle, Morgan Dontanville and Benjamin Teuber, from left, play an early version of Catan: New Energies while the game was still in development. Courtesy CATAN GmbH.

7. Minneapolis exploring moving buses, adding events to Nicollet Mall

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"Think about some of your favorite cities in the world and they almost all have some form of fully pedestrian mall in their downtown core," Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey told FOX 9.

8. These portable, water-resistant speakers keep the music pumping all summer long

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Yes, that includes Woodstock, the Grateful Dead's Wall of Sound and the sound system in your Toyota, but JBL also makes portable, splashproof speakers for all your barbecues, poolside bashes and beach adventures. Check ...

9. Microsoft to delay launch of AI Recall tool due to security concerns

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Microsoft will no longer ship Recall, an artificial intelligence tool that tracks user activity, when the company releases the Copilot+ PC next week. Industry experts have expressed concern over the potential for hackers to develop tools that can ...

10. Stalker who left woman in 'constant fear' jailed


A man has been jailed for six weeks after stalking a woman and leaving her with a "constant feeling of fear and uncertainty". Peter Milner, of Kenton Drive in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, pleaded guilty to bombarding his victim with messages.

11. Hoda and Jenna discuss their friendship styles: See why Jenna's an 'Evergreen' and Hoda's a 'Firefly'


The article and quiz, developed with the author Kasley Killam and based on her book "The Art and Science of Connection," explores how people can be one of four types of friends: Butterfly ...

12. The Learning Curve, Part 5: Overcoming Multicultural and Multilingual Differences

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Although Brazilian Portuguese and Latin American Spanish are widely spoken, intricate variations in both languages presented various challenges when teaching Galaxy AI to discern and distinguish regional differences. That's why Samsung R&D Institute Brazil ...

13. This strategy worked for the iPhone. Can Apple do it again with AI?

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For more than a year Silicon Valley has been buzzing about Apple's decision to sit on the sidelines during a frenzied AI arms race that has shaken up the tech industry. CNN's Jon Sarlin and Clare Duffy explore how Apple's “be best, not first” approach ...

14. No Matter How You Package It, Apple Intelligence Is AI

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Apple is eager to show us that its approach to artificial intelligence is safer, better, and more useful than the competition. Maybe that's just a hallucination, but it's working.