Technology News for Thursday 13th June 2024

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Jun 13th 2024

1. Top law firms question AI's usefulness


Artificial intelligence is of limited technical usefulness to lawyers and will have little impact on the core work of providing legal advice, top law firms say. An AI benchmark study conducted by Allens concluded the technology in its present state was ...

2. Apple expands iPhone satellite connectivity with latest OS update

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The latest update by Apple makes satellite connectivity much more accessible to people allowing them to remain connected across all the areas. Since the connectivity is available on the device, there is no need to have a satellite terminal.

3. AI Is Apple's Best Shot at Getting You to Upgrade Your iPhone

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Apple is limiting its new artificial intelligence features to new phones, in hopes of a sunny September. Apple iPhones.

4. What is Apple's AI doing with your data?


Apple's splashy announcement at its Worldwide Developers Conference this week that it's adding artificial intelligence to its products, and partnering with ChatGPT-maker OpenAI, has raised many questions about how Apple's AI offerings will work.

5. 2024 BMW X1 vs. 2024 Mercedes-Benz GLB Comparison

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The two luxury leaders have been making significant gains in the small SUV realm, and the latest models certainly reflect those efforts to make these vehicles the best of the group. Let's take a closer look at ...

6. Thinking Different About Apple AI

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Apple executives used the keynote address of this week's annual WWDC developers conference to debut all of the artificial intelligence capabilities that are coming to iPhones, iPads, and Macs. The team showed off how generative tools will help users ...

7. The Top New Features Coming to Apple's iOS 18 and iPadOS 18

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If you're unsure what model iPhone you have, head to the Settings app, tap on General > About and look at the Model Name. This doesn't mean every feature is available, as some require more modern processors (Apple Intelligence, for example, is exclusive to ...

8. Bark! Meow! Cluck! NASA uses lasers to beam pictures of pet dogs, cats and chickens to the ISS


Since the advent of the Space Age, we've always relied on radio frequency communications to "chat" with both astronauts and spacecraft in orbit and beyond. But now, NASA is leveling up its communications system with one of the coolest, most space-y ...

9. Pediatric Respiratory Syncytial Virus Hospitalizations and Respiratory Support After the COVID-19 Pandemic


Findings In this cross-sectional study of 288 816 children 5 years or younger from 48 US pediatric hospitals, there was a surge in RSV infections during the 2022 to 2023 postpandemic season, with a 70% increase in children requiring advanced respiratory ...

10. The Learning Curve, Part 4: A New AI Model and an Evolving Language


But what does AI language development involve? Last time we visited Vietnam to learn about preparing the data that is used to train AI models. This time, we're seeing how teams made Galaxy AI a unique offering for both the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong.

11. Here's how texting will be different after Apple's iOS 18 update

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(NEXSTAR) – On top of the new AI-powered features Apple announced at its World Wide Developers Conference on Monday are several changes coming to the way you'll be texting with the next iPhone software update. iOS 18 will give iPhone users new options ...

12. Avid gamer looks to champion accessibility in industry beyond graduation


The team of Brock students behind the video game Cosmic Justice won first place at the 2024 Level Up Showcase in the Accessibility in Games category, Evan Sawatsky (second from right) will graduate at during Brock's 115th Convocation ceremony and is poised ...

13. Mother hopes Martha's rule will 'upend hierarchy' on hospitals wards


Merope Mills, who campaigned with her husband Paul Laity to give families more say regarding care following the death of their daughter Martha, also called for a “mutual respect” between patients and doctors.

14. This vegetable chopping multi-tool is trending on Amazon for good reason

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I'm naturally skeptical when it comes to products that claim to replace many tools that I regularly use. I also happen to be somewhat of a minimalist, so I decided to try the trending tool to see if it might help clear some quality kitchen space.

15. Sony WH-1000XM5 review: Excellent, but facing tough competition

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The world of over-ear noise-canceling headphones is heating up. The likes of Apple and Sonos have entered the market over the past few years, and companies like Anker have been building better and better products. That leaves the companies that have ...

16. Challenges in pig-to-human kidney xenotransplantation – Authors' reply


To consistently breed pigs with a substantial number of genetic edits is currently challenging. Second, many patients awaiting transplantation have a low concentration of preformed antibodies to Gal-KO pigs. Therefore, additional genetic modifications ...