Technology News for Sunday 9th June 2024

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Jun 09th 2024

1. Adults and teens turn to 'dumbphones' to cut screen time


Adults and teens concerned about their screen time are turning in their smartphones for “dumber” models. Buried in the settings of many smartphones is the option to look up how much on average you are staring at your phone per day.

2. Hey, Siri! Let's Talk About How Apple Is Giving You an AI Makeover.

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Each June, Apple unveils its newest software features for the iPhone at its futuristic Silicon Valley campus. But at its annual developer conference on Monday, the company will shine a spotlight on a feature that isn't new: Siri, its talking assistant, ...

3. Apple needs to make the iPhone cool again. Tomorrow is its chance

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The Apple iPhone 15 series displayed for sale at The Grove Apple retail store in Los Angeles, California. Wall Street is hoping the iPhone 16 will come with major AI updates. Patrick T.

4. Farquharson: Fusion, A Way for the Future


This article is featured in the 2024 Commencement & Reunions special issue. As the urgency of the climate crisis grows rapidly, so too does the race to find alternative energy sources that mitigate the effects of greenhouse gas emissions.

5. Canon Unveils New EOS Cinema Camera


DP Christine Ng with the Canon EOS C400 cinema camera. Canon. Canon unveiled a new camera in its Cinema EOS line, which was shown ...