Technology News for Wednesday 6th October 2021

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Oct 06th 2021

1. Firmware update brings new Conversation Boost feature to AirPods Pro

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On Wednesday, Apple began updating all AirPods models (AirPods, AirPods Pro, and AirPods Max) to firmware 4A400. While the normal, non-Pro, non-Max AirPods ...

2. Twitch source code, creator earnings exposed in 125GB leak


Live video broadcasting service Twitch has been hit by a massive hack that exposed 125GB of the company's data. In a 4chan thread posted (and removed) ...

3. Here are all of the changes to Verdansk in Call of Duty: Warzone's season 6 update


After the events that unfolded in the cutscene below, Verdansk has seen a seismic shift that's changed the landscape in a big way. Cracks and fissures now line ...

4. 'Far Cry 6' review – An average entry in a series that needs a break


New Dawn was like baby's first RPG, focusing on numbers attached to your character's overall level and the regions you want to get into, rather than intricate ...

5. Kelowna neighbourhoods report nearly 90% of eligible residents with 1 dose of COVID-19 vaccine


On Tuesday, the BC Centre for Disease Control released another week of data on vaccination rates, showing that while the Central Okanagan overall had 85 per ...

6. Only Three Percent of Twitch's Top-Earning Streamers Are Women, Apparently


The Twitch leak from 4chan confirmed what a lot of people already know: The majority of the platform's most successful content creators are men.

7. Play This Fantastic Resident Evil x Castlevania Game


Resident Evil: Village has a spooky old castle full of vampires. Castlevania has a spooky old castle full of vampires. You can see where this is going.

8. Pokémon Is Joining Forces With Universal Studios Japan


Today in Osaka, Universal Studios Japan announced it's entering into a creative partnership with The Pokémon Company. “Universal Studios Japan and The ...

9. Report: Twitch Is Hacked And Its Source Code Is In The Wild


According to a report by VGC, an anonymous hacker has posted a 125GB torrent link containing, well, all of Twitch, including its source code and commit ...

10. Upcoming Square Enix Action RPG Is No Longer Too Blurry To Play


We haven't seen any news of Square Enix's co-op multiplayer game, Babylon's Fall, since its E3 showcase, and now we know why: Its developers have been busy ...

11. Valve's Steam Deck Teardown Video Warns Against Tearing Down Your Steam Deck


In a new teardown video demonstrating how (or rather, how not) to replace Steam Deck parts, Valve said that tampering with the handheld PC's chassis to get ...

12. Facebook Testimony Waking Some to Hazards of Social Media For Kids

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MENLO PARK (KPIX) — During testimony on Capitol Hill, Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen claimed the company chooses to let content on its platform that ...

13. Soyuz arrives at space station for out-of-this-world film shoot


Chalking up a space first of sorts, a Russian actress, her director-cameraman and a veteran cosmonaut rocketed into orbit, chased down the International Space ...

14. 'Metroid: Dread' is a tense and fluid return to form for Nintendo's enduring series

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Image showing Samus from Metroid pointing her arm cannon. Image Credits: Nintendo. Nintendo seems as unable to let go of its decades-old franchises as it ...

15. Battlefield 2042 beta hands-on — Flying into the tornado


I laughed along with the rest of my squad, as they had done the same thing. We all died. As publisher Electronic Arts says in its marketing, that was one of ...

16. Twitch reportedly suffers massive data leak


Game-streaming platform Twitch has reportedly been the victim of a leak divulging confidential company information and streamers' earnings.

17. Nintendo Switch OLED review: The best Switch yet, but not quite different enough

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The OLED Nintendo Switch has a bigger, better display. But its improved kickstand also means tabletop mode makes more sense now. Scott Stein/CNET.

18. Windows 11 compatibility: Check if your PC can handle Microsoft's upgrade


Windows 11 started to roll out, but is your laptop ready for the new OS? Find out using the PC Health Check app WhyNotWin11 and other options. Mary King ...

19. iPhone 13 vs. iPhone 13 Mini: 3 things I loved and hated about switching to Apple's smaller phone


The major difference between both phones -- aside from size -- is battery life. The standard-sized iPhone 13 should last for an extra 2 hours compared to the ...

20. iPhone 13: The iOS 15 trick that gets you free iCloud storage


With iOS 15, you can use free temporary iCloud storage to back up your old iPhone and transfer it to your new one. Patrick Holland/CNET.

21. iPhone 13 vs. 13 Mini vs. 13 Pro vs. 13 Pro Max: A spec-by-spec comparison

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The iPhone 13 lineup has arrived. Here's how the different models compare. Apple/Screenshot by James Martin/CNET. Get the CNET Apple Report newsletter. Receive ...

22. Mark Zuckerberg rejects profits claim, slams 'false picture' of Facebook

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"I'm sure many of you have found the recent coverage hard to read because it just doesn't reflect the company we know," Zuckerberg wrote in the email. "We care ...

23. Twitch confirms breach that allegedly contains source code, creator payouts


Twitch has been hacked, exposing a large trove data that allegedly includes the Amazon-owned streaming platform's source code, reports on creator payouts ...

24. Twitter tests tool to give users a heads-up about heated conversations

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Twitter is testing a tool that warns users before they scroll further into a potentially heated conversation. The social media giant tweeted Wednesday about ...

25. The best smart displays of 2021


Google's Nest Hub is the ideal smart display for your nightstand, as it lacks a camera. And in that spot it acts as a full-featured alarm clock with built-in ...

26. Amazon Throws Down the Gauntlet at These 5 Companies

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Amazon just introduced a lot of new hardware devices. · These products could expand its reach in the smart home, video chat, and connected fitness markets.

27. Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will launch on October 19

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Aslipundit, 1 minute agoTrue, but I was only talking about Android phones. Apple is obviously miles ahead of any othe... moreI understand, agree with you ...

28. Call of Duty Season 6 start time, download size, and Warzone updates


The upcoming season will feature content for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone with plenty of things to do across each game (and some overlap between them). There ...

29. Flying robot can also ride a skateboard and balance on a rope


The robot, named LEONARDO by its creators at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and Northeastern University in Boston, is a human-like machine ...

30. Facebook's own data is as not conclusive as you think about teens and mental health

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The leaked Facebook research consists of opinion surveys and interviews. Facebook asked teens about their impressions of Instagram's effect on their body image, ...

31. Facebook Whistle-Blower Urges Lawmakers to Regulate the Company

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Frances Haugen, who left the social network in May and leaked internal documents, gave senators rare insight into its inner workings.

32. New World's success has Amazon CEO convinced games could be the company's largest entertainment sector

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Amazon's colonial-flavoured MMO New World seems to have done well for the tech giant—well enough that CEO Andy Jassy now believes games could well outpace ...

33. Far Cry 6 review – far from revolutionary


Rather than leveling up and unlocking new skills, Dani's abilities are defined by the guns and gear they equip. Initially, this feels a little limiting. Why can ...

34. Metroid Dread (for Nintendo Switch) Review

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Pros · Huge, sprawling world with plenty of exploration · Refined, satisfying combat · Well-designed EMMI sections · Attractive graphics and interesting settings ...

35. Animal Crossing: New Horizons' new content showcase is next week

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The Nintendo Direct two weeks ago teased the likely return of avian barista Brewster and his cafe, The Roost. Animal Crossing New Horizons players have become ...

36. Amazon's Twitch is hacked, exposing source code, creator payouts

Domain:'s video game streaming platform Twitch has been attacked by an anonymous hacker, who claims to have exposed sensitive source code and detail on ...

37. Polar's Grit X multisport watch goes Pro


Polar is making a number of updates to its family of sport watches today. This includes the launch of the Polar Grit X Pro for outdoor multisport ...

38. HMD's Nokia is getting into Android tablets with the $249.99 T20


It's powered by a modest Unisoc Tiger T610 processor, and in the US and UK comes with 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of expandable storage. HMD reckons its 8,200mAh ...

39. Halide's latest update brings the iPhone 13 Pro's Macro Mode to older iPhones


Halide is one of the best photography apps on the iPhone, and the company has just updated its app with a new macro feature, designed to perfectly ...

40. Google launches new features to help users shrink their carbon footprints

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But before we get into the details of how their new tools work, a quick note of context; some environmental advocates have called out companies for shifting ...

41. Twitch source code and creator payouts part of massive leak

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Twitch appears to have been hacked, leaking source code for the company's streaming service, an unreleased Steam competitor from Amazon Game Studios, ...

42. Nintendo will reveal Animal Crossing's next big update on October 15th

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Like the Smash Direct before it, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is getting its own showcase coming October 15th. The Animal Crossing Twitter account revealed ...

43. AirPods Pro can help you hear conversations better after recent firmware update


Conversation Boost is included as a Custom Transparency Mode in Apple's headphone accommodations. When the feature is enabled, the beam-forming microphones on ...