Technology News for Tuesday 14th May 2024

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May 14th 2024

1. Will Generative AI Mean The End Of Internet Searching And SEO As We Know It?

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Microsoft Bing was the first to integrate ChatGPT. Google has also released a new search experience called SGE (Search Generative Experience), which is designed to help users navigate information online more easily. As an example ...

2. Check out Ferrari's new 12Cilindri supercar-the name says it all


By Brian Roskelly. You don't need to know Italian to understand the awesome power of this car. The V12 is not dead yet, and Ferrari, known for iconic engines of this very kind, is back with a new supercar that makes a case for, quote, "the few.

3. Google's I/O Keynote Is in Hours: Here's How to Watch


The event kicks off with a keynote presentation at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Google's hometown of Mountain View, California, followed by breakout sessions over two days. You can watch the keynote event at 10 a.m. PT/ ...

4. OpenAI launches GPTo, improving ChatGPT's text, visual and audio capabilities


OpenAI has introduced a new artificial intelligence model. ByThe Associated Press. May 13, 2024, 2:12 PM. 1:13. National headlines from ABC News. Catch up on the developing stories making headlines. SAN FRANCISCO -- OpenAI's latest update to its ...

5. The Current with Matt Galloway


Why are people so mad at Apple's new ad? ... Apple's new iPad ad has gotten a bruising backlash. Author David Sax explains why creative people in particular are outraged. Aired: May 13, ...

6. Reebok Uses AI to Turn Images into Digital Sneaker Designs


Sneaker maker Reebok has launched an AI-powered fashion experience on Instagram that lets users customize digital sneakers. · Reebok Impact reimagines user photos into sneaker designs.

7. Sundar Pichai makes his first LinkedIn post, here's what the Google CEO shared

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Pichai took to the Microsoft-owned professional social networking platform on the eve of Google's biggest event of 2024. The tech giant's annual developer conference will get underway later tonight and Pichai's first post was regarding that.

8. PlayStation names joint CEOs after Jim Ryan's retirement


Hermen Hulst and Hideaki Nishino have been named as the joint CEOs of Sony's gaming division PlayStation following Jim Ryan's retirement. In an unusual move, the role has been split into two separate top jobs, with Mr Hulst mostly overseeing software ...

9. Apple rolls out iOS 17.5 update with new features and important bug fixes

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With the iOS 18 update set to be unveiled next month at WWDC 2024, Apple has released the next iterative update for iOS 17. The latest iOS 17.5 update focuses on bug fixes for smoother iPhone performance and has some new features as well.

10. Google's Sundar Pichai and Microsoft's Satya Nadella Drop Their Version of a Tech Diss Track. Who Comes Out on Top?

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Competition is fierce in big tech, more so now with Gen AI on the scene. Just take a look at the recent exchange between Google's Sundar Pichai and Microsoft's Satya Nadella. Nadella was talking about Microsoft's rise to the top, lambasting Google for ...

11. Lenovo picked to provide Spain's Hyperion supercomputer

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The Supercomputing Center at the Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC) in Spain has launched a new supercomputer called Hyperion. Although the system was first unveiled in February 2024, DIPC has now announced Hyperion will be powered by Lenovo.

12. Generative AI Doesn't Make Hardware Less Hard


Wearable AI gadgets from Rabbit and Humane were panned by reviewers, including at WIRED. Their face-plants show that it's still tough to compete with Big Tech in the age of ChatGPT.

13. OpenAI's leap forward in human-like AI assistants underscores Apple's growing peril

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Apple CEO Tim Cook. BAY ISMOYO/AFP—Getty Images. Sam Altman promised ahead of OpenAI's big announcement yesterday that the company would be revealing something that ...

14. Veteran Game Makers Look to Take On 'The Sims'


Early last year, Solomon quit his job to co-found a new company called Midsummer Studios, which raised $6 million in venture capital to develop a “life sim” game in the vein of The Sims.

15. The iPad Air 2024 is the iPad Pro most people should buy

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What we liked about it · Same gorgeous design, now in a bigger size · Laptop-grade performance in a $599 tablet · A camera you'll actually want to use for calls · The optional Apple Pencil Pro packs some nice upgrades.

16. XCOM developers start new studio to take on The Sims


Key art from The Sims 4 featuring a collection of Sims of different ages, races ... Midsummer Studios is a new game studio founded by two former Firaxis developers, Jake Solomon and Will Miller. Before founding Midsummer, ...

17. Big factor for Capcom's Japan results is whether there's a Monster Hunter release: President


Haruhiro Tsujimoto, president and COO of the Japanese video game company, discusses its record profits and outlook. 04:13. Mon, May 13 2024 ...

18. Google unveils Project Astra chatbot tech and brings 'AI overview' to search for all US users

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Google showed off new AI chatbot technology dubbed Project Astra, along with a series of announcements infusing artificial intelligence throughout its catalogue of products, as company executives took the stage at its annual developers conference on ...

19. OpenAI launches GPTo, improving ChatGPT's text, visual and audio capabilities



20. Google I/O 2024 Live Blog: Latest News on Android, Gemini, and Search

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We have a few reporters at I/O in Mountain View, California: senior writers Lauren Goode and Paresh Dave, senior reviews editor Julian Chokkattu, and staff writer Reece Rogers. Along with senior writer Will ...

21. Google Takes the Next Step in Its AI Evolution

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The tech giant showed off how it would enmesh A.I. more deeply into its products and users' lives, from search to so-called agents that perform tasks.

22. What Google announced at its annual I/O conference

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Google announced the rollout alongside a raft of new artificial intelligence features Tuesday at its big annual developer conference, known as I/O. The tech giant has thrown tens of billions ...

23. Hades II's Eternal Pursuit of a Tantalizing Past


The video game sequel's central character struggles to exhume the memory of her former life. Out of the pandemic, our futures are just as murky.

24. Most teens game. One psychiatrist wants to make them into 'Healthy Gamers'


A new study shows that 85% of teenagers play video games. While gaming can forge social connections and encourage creativity, it can also foster addiction. Psychiatrist Alok Kanojia discusses how parents can work with their kids to address problematic ...

25. Why do the aurora look better through a camera? And how do you spot a fake image? Q&A with an astrophotographer


To understand why camera phones were able to pick out colours and details invisible to the naked eye, The Conversation spoke to Darren Baskill, an astrophysicist and photographer – an astrophotographer – at the University of Sussex.

26. Google I/O Event Expectations Run High Amid OpenAI, Microsoft Rivalry

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Expectations run high ahead of Alphabet's (GOOGL) Google I/O conference for software developers today, with analysts anticipating a slew of artificial intelligence announcements. Google stock has climbed 20% in 2024 heading into the annual event.

27. Laughing, chatting, singing, GPT-4o is AI close to human, but watch out: it's really not human


Artificial intelligence is changing things at dizzying speed. About 18 months ago, the tech company OpenAI unleashed its AI chatbot, ChatGPT. Within a couple of months, 100 million users were regularly using the tool, making it the fastest-growing consumer ...

28. Game Bundle in the hit game Overwatch® 2


The release is the center piece of the collaboration between Porsche and the game developer Blizzard Entertainment®. A wide-ranging campaign accompanies the launch of the game bundle, includinga fully animated short film that tells the origin story of D.

29. Google shows off how AI Gmail, Photos and shopping will work

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A day after OpenAI impressed with a startlingly improved ChatGPT AI model, Google showed off its vision for how AI will improve the products that billions of people use every day. The updates, announced at its annual Google I/O developer conference, ...

30. Can Google Give AI Answers Without Breaking the Web?

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For the past year and a half since ChatGPT was released, a scary question has hovered over the heads of major online publishers: What if Google decides to overhaul its core search engine to feature generative artificial intelligence more prominently ...

31. Microsoft Shares Copilot Prompts in New GitHub Repo (Contributions Welcomed)

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Microsoft has taken a step further in democratizing the prompt engineering field by sharing a collection of prompts for its various Copilots in a new GitHub repository. It's community-led and contributions are welcome, though you should be comfortable with ...

32. Our top 5 Amazon deals of the week

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For a gentle, yet effective clean, opt for this Philips Sonicare toothbrush. It eases you into brushing by gradually increasing power, and the two-minute timer lets you know when time is up.

33. No consultation from Apple on plans to block publisher ads and summarise articles

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Apple appears to have had no conversations with publishers about plans to roll out an aggressive ad-blocker and new text summarisation tool on its Safari browser. The changes could not only stop publishers from supporting their content with advertising ...

34. Google Pixel 8a vs. Pixel 8 Pro: Is the new budget phone worth it?

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It also has an advanced AI system (called Google Gemini Nano), an enhanced camera setup, plus an impressive microphone and speaker array -- along with a stunning, 6.7-inch Super Actua OLED display.

35. Project Astra Is Google's 'Multimodal' Answer to the New ChatGPT


Demis Hassabis chief executive officer of DeepMind Technologies Ltd. Demis Hassabis is leading Google's charge to compete with OpenAI in artificial intelligence.Photograph: Jose Sarmento Matos/Getty Images.

36. Artificial Intelligence used to create new TV show ideas


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