Technology News for Saturday 4th May 2024

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May 04th 2024

1. Political Machine 2024 video game by Plymouth-based company allows everyone to create own strategy

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It allows players to compete in the primaries to build their own political manifesto, with votes from virtual ballots - a decoding of digital representative democracy. PLYMOUTH, Mich. (FOX ...

2. Chemo can be brutal. This FDA effort aims to make it less so.


Crosslin's concern lies at the heart of a Food and Drug Administration effort to make cancer drugs less toxic and more effective. Cancer drug trials are structured to promote high doses, which then become routine patient care.

3. App-etite for innovation: Meet five developers channelling their creativity using Apple's developer ecosystem


Apple's impact on the world is evident through the App Store, supporting a vast developer community globally. In India, innovative apps like Box Box, Lil Artist, Gratitude, Evolve, and Numerics showcase the diverse talent and creativity thriving in the ...

4. New Instagram stickers are here to make Stories more fun


Add Yours Music: This sticker lets users share their favorite songs with their followers. Friends can also add their own music to the story, making it a collaborative experience. Frames: With this sticker, ...

5. LinkedIn Has Games Now


Plus: Razer will have to refund customers who bought its light-up face mask, Peloton cuts staff and its CEO, and hybrid cars are hitting the roads.

6. LinkedIn adds 3 games to spark conversation and connection


LinkedIn is throwing its hat into the brain game ring and introduced three games to its platform this week: Pinpoint, Queens and Crossclimb. Like many of the other games that dominate the daily internet routine of many, each game has a daily puzzle and ...