Technology News for Friday 3rd May 2024

15 new stories

May 03rd 2024

1. Rediscovering America's War on Bad Posture


The article revealed that, from the 1940s through the 1960s, elite colleges had taken naked photos of thousands of freshmen, including future luminaries like George Bush, Bob Woodward, Meryl Streep, and Hillary Rodham.

2. The 820bhp Ferrari 12 Cilindri is named after its mighty 9500rpm V12 engine


This new Ferrari ultra-GT is called the 12 Cylinder. But Maranello would prefer you wrapped your lips around their way of talking… and called it the Dodici Cilindri. It's an on-the- ...

3. The transition to electrification ramps up as Ferrari unveils a $423000 sports car to rival BYD's electric supercar


Ferrari NV has unveiled a €395,000 ($423,000) combustion engine sports car meant to help the Italian manufacturer defend its industry-leading margins. The 12Cilindri, also sold as a €435,000 Spider convertible version, is inspired by Ferrari's touring ...

4. The AI Gadget That Can Make Your Life Better—and Two That Definitely Won't


The Humane AI Pin, Rabbit R1 and Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses take AI out of your smartphone and put it in a dedicated gadget. The future? Or just frustrating?

5. Apple aims to tell an AI story without AI bills

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After the company reported quarterly earnings on Thursday, Cook insisted that Apple will have concrete details about its plans for AI to talk about very soon. "We continue to feel very bullish about our opportunity ...

6. You can now play games on LinkedIn; see details


Pinpoint is all about guessing categories based on five mystery words. You've got to guess the category with as few words as possible before time runs out. Crossclimb mixes trivia and wordplay. You' ...

7. Microsoft introduces Passkey support for all consumer accounts

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The Microsoft account users can now use the face, fingerprint, PIN, or a security key on their devices as Passkeys to log in to their accounts. This is one of the major security features that will give users more control over their accounts amid growing ...

8. New Stickers in Instagram Stories


Today, we are launching new stickers in Instagram Stories so you can kick off music trends, create your own custom stickers from your photos or videos, post a secret story and more. We're adding Add Yours Music, Frames, Reveal and Cutouts stickers ...

9. This week in science: biodegradable plastic, crops on Mars and deer vs. caribou


Copyright 2024 NPR. To see more, visit NPR's Juana Summers talks with Regina Barber and Emily Kwong of Short Wave about biodegradable plastic, simulating ...

10. Instagram introduces new interactive stickers for Stories


The only way viewers can see the post is by DMing the person who shared it. Instagram head Adam Mosseri has said that direct messages are an increasingly important part of the platform and that stories and DMs account for most of Instagram's growth.

11. New 'e-skin' mimics human skin and could one day be used on robots, UT researchers say


Researchers at the University of Texas in Austin have developed the first stretchy, electronic skin with many of the same characteristics as human skin. Here's what we know. University of Texas develops 'e-skin' technology.

12. Android users, Microsoft has a 'warning' about these apps with billions of downloads

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Microsoft's security research team has flagged some apps — downloaded by 4 billion users — that could put Android smartphones at risk. In a blog post, Microsoft's Threat Intelligence Team said, “We identified several vulnerable applications in the ...

13. More details emerge about Apple's plans for AI in iOS 18

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Apple CEO Tim Cook has made it clear that AI features are coming soon, and a new report from AppleInsider offers more details about what we might see in the next version of iOS. One of the big focuses will be on Siri, which will reportedly gain the ...

14. Super Mario Land details are out for Universal Orlando's new 'Epic Universe' park. What to know

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Mamma Mia! Mario, Luigi and entire Nintendo crew is coming to Florida very soon. Universal Orlando revealed details about Super Nintendo World, one of five new lands set to debut at the resort's highly anticipated new theme park Universal Epic Universe ...

15. AI gadgets are here, but are they any good?


Some early adopters say promised performance isn't there yet. ByMichael Dobuski. May 3, 2024, 10:53 AM. 0:35. AI making it easier to carry out chemical, biological, nuclear attacks: DHS. A new report cites a lack of regulations in chemical and ...